Everyone has that one kitchen drawer that’s packed full of chunky kitchen utensils that you can never open. You know, when you end up using a ruler, a spatula or anything that will fit to push down that blocked skimming ladle… well, here’s a fun idea of how to use blank wall space to get things out of the kitchen drawers and onto the walls.

This is also a great way to decorate a blank wall and add some colour to the kitchen!

Sofia Clara decor ideaFeatured: Metal bar & hooks, fruit bowljars, metal plant pots, kitchen utensils mainly WMF or old family hand-me-downs & cacti

These metal bars and hooks are both from Ikea. The bars only cost about 7 CHF each (we used two here).

With a set of helping hands and following the instructions, all you’ve got to do is add six screws to the wall, two behind each bar holder. Make sure to take enough time to ensure the bar is straight and centred if it is above a kitchen unit.

Ikea kitchen unit
Once, the bar is up, pop all the utensils onto the hooks, making sure to line any plant pots you put up with a plastic bag to avoid drips coming down the wall.

Kitchen utensilsOther things that look great on open kitchen shelves are chunky chopping boards that never fit in a cupboard anyway, jars of store foods like pasta, flour, sugar, dried beans, etc., rolling pins, baking trays and anything you like really.

DIY kitchenI also like to keep blenders and juicers out all the time as a reminder that they exist. We all know that if you put your juicer away, you will only use it once a year.

Easy kitchen decor idea
I love love love the way this turned out – all the items are easily accessible and out of the way and it adds the pop of colour that was missing.

Happy kitchen. Happy Sofia.

Sofia Clara cakeWhat do you think? Will you be adding some vertical kitchen storage to the kitchen? xS