When I started thinking about the decor for Le Pointu, I knew there was going to be one main white wall to fill and I thought it would make it feel really homey if we could put some sort of decorative shelving up that could be changed depending on the season. Last month, I filled it with little pumpkins and physalis and I’m so looking forward to decorating for Christmas!

The crates are actually the Knagglig crates that I saw on one of my many million trips to IKEA and thought they would work perfectly.

I’ve got lots of email and comments on Instagram asking about where I got the crates and what paint I used to age them, so I thought I’d talk you through the very quick process.

This “how to” uses one of the small IKEA Knagglig crates as an example but at Le Pointu we also used a few big knagglig crates on the wall but sawed them down so they were the same width as the small crates.

You will need:

  • Several IKEA Knagglig crates
  • A grey wood stain (I couldn’t find grey so I mixed light oak and ebony) – see the two bottles on the left two photos below
  • An aged wood wax (similar to this one)
  • A paintbrush


I didn’t really know how many creates we were going to put up on the wall so I bought about 15 of each, knowing that we would use any left over for something else.

IKEA KNAGGLIGhow to age cratesThe first thing to do is mount the crates following the instructions.

What to do with IKEA cratesOnce the crates are mounted, give them 2 good coats of the wood stain, letting the crates dry in between coats. This will of course depend on the colour you want the wood to be but I wanted these to be fairly similar to the oak bench along the main wall.

Make sure to get the paint into all the nooks.

painted crates

Once the wood stain has dried properly, use a dry brush to very lightly dip into the wax (you want a very small amount on the brush) and dab the wax onto the parts of the crate you want to age. I concentrated the wax on the parts that would naturally age if the creates were old like the corners and the edges of the wood.

Rub the wax in very well with the dry brush.

make crates look old

Once you’ve aged all the crates, leave them to dry and decide where you want them. You can always cut brown paper cut outs and stick them to the wall to help you decide.

If you do simply screw them to the wall, make sure not to put too many heavy things inside them.

Le Pointu decorI’d love to know what you think of all these Le Pointu DIYs – I’ve got a few more coming and then we’ll get back to more home DIYs! :)

A bientôt! Big bisous. xS