Sofia Clara - picking flowers11I reckon Sunday is probably the majority of the world’s favourite day. Sundays are the best, don’t you think? Ok, ok it’s Tuesday today – the day that my friends and I have officially named the worst day of the week.

Here’s our little theory – you can’t complain about Mondays because you’ve just had a full weekend, Wednesdays are mid-week, Thursdays are pretty much Fridays and Fridays mean it’s the weekend! But Tuesdays just sneak into the middle of the week and the weekend feels an eternity away.

So to take your mind off it being a Tuesday, let’s think about Sundays.

Sundays are for baking, DIYing, breakfast in bed, long walks with your dogs, watching series or finding flower fields in the country.

Sofia Clara - picking flowers19

This weekend D and I went to pick some fresh flowers on the Route de Moudon in Forel (for those of you living in Switzerland) with Lua, of course. This is another of my favourite pick-your-own-flower-fields.

Sofia Clara - picking flowers9

There’s a wooden hut by the little parking lot with all the tools you need to cut your flowers and a few tips and tricks on how to cut them so they will grow back properly and keep well.

Sofia Clara - picking flowers7

Have a walk around to select the flowers you want in you bouquet and get cutting.

Sofia Clara - picking flowers6

Make sure to fit in some leafy greens.

Sofia Clara - picking flowers8

Sofia Clara - picking flowers13

Sofia Clara - picking flowers5

Sofia Clara - picking flowers17

Once you’ve got a good pick you can start arranging.  I like to have an odd number of flowers.

Sofia Clara - picking flowers12


Sofia Clara - picking flowers2

Pick up some homemade jams…

Sofia Clara - picking flowers18

And some fresh spring onions…

Sofia Clara - picking flowers20

Sofia Clara - picking flowers4

Pop a bit of money into the money bank and off you go with a wild bouquet in hand for your mama.

Sofia Clara - picking flowers1

What did you get up to this Sunday? No need to think about it being a Tuesday just yet!

Anyway, I’m off – I hope your Tuesday’s not too rubbish :). xS

In case you’re interested: Top: Brandy Melville, Skirt: Manoukian, Shoes: Birks