Homemade almond milk1

If you are a milk lover who can’t, shouldn’t or doesn’t want to drink milk then this recipe is for you. A little while ago, I was told to try to cut down on lactose products. If you follow this blog, you will know that I never cut lactose out 100%, but I have stopped drinking milk which was pretty tricky. I learnt to love soy milk in cereal but have always found the taste quite strong.

This weekend, I made homemade almond milk and it was pretty amazing. This is now probably one of my favourite recipes and it is ever so simple. It require only 2 ingredients and 10-15 minutes preparation (excluding the soaking time). I’ve already finished the first batch but I’m planning on making a whole lot more and testing out tons of recipes for you lot.

Homemade almond milk2

Ingredients: 130g almonds, plenty of water for soaking, 600ml water for the milk. Method: Soak almonds in plenty of water for at least 4 hours (overnight if possible). If you want to (and can be bothered to) remove the skins, soak in warm water and the skin will slip off if you push them between your fingers – I didn’t bother. Discard the water and place soaked almonds into the blender. Start the blender and add water 200ml at a time. Mix well until almonds are pulverised and liquid is white and frothy. Place a clean and rinsed 100% cotton tea towel over a sieve and pour in the liquid. When you’re left with the almond pulp put the sieve to the side and squeeze remaining liquid through the fabric. Pour milk into a sterilised glass container and pop it into the fridge. Store for up to 3 days.

In your tea towel, you will be left with almond pulp which you can dry in your oven (20 minutes at 100°C). It is pretty tasteless and can be used instead of flour. I have used half flour, half almond meal in scones which worked really well.

Notes: Recipe slightly adapted from here.

Homemade almond milk3

Enjoy almond milk in smoothies, coffee, cereal, hot chocolate or other. I like it best in the morning – ice-cold with chocolate powder and a little icing sugar to hide the faint bitter taste. xS