This is my go to summer dessert when I’ve got friends coming over and I want to make something quick that fills the house with the most delicious smells. My mum has made it for parties, I’ve seen a few of you making it since I posted it on my stories, and any time anyone has a pots of homemade jam to use up, this is the recipe I send through because it works with all sorts of different fruit and jam mixtures. Last year, I made it with some homemade plum jam and freshly picked plums that a friend gave me and that was absolutely delicious, but this combination here has to be my absolute favourite… strawberries, rhubarb and apple. They all work so perfectly together. You get the sweetness from the strawberries, the tartness from the rhubarb and a slight bite from the apple. You have to try it!

Here’s what you need to make your rhubarb, strawberry and apple galette with pistachio studded pastry:

Ingredients for the pistachio studded pastry:

  • 40g pistachios, toasted and finely chopped (or pulsed in a blender)
  • 180g butter, cold and diced
  • 260g plain flour, sieved
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt (don’t skimp on the salt)
  • 2 tablespoons cold water

Ingredients for the filling:

  • a handful strawberries (about 8 medium-sized strawberries), quartered
  • 1 apple, peeled and chopped into chunks
  • 2 rhubarb stalks, washed and chopped into just under 1cm thick pieces
  • 1 tablespoon cornflour
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 2-3 tablespoons sugar free jam (I used strawberry)
  • 1 egg for the egg wash
  • Extra sugar for dusting the pastry


  • Prepare a baking tray with a piece of greaseproof paper.
  • To make the pastry, place the butter, flour, salt and toasted pistachios into a large bowl. Use your fingers or a Kitchen Aid to break the butter into the flour until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. Add 1-2 tablespoons of cold water to bring the pastry together with your hands. It will be very crumbly. Form into a ball and cover and leave to cool in the fridge.
  • To make the filling, place the chopped fruit into a bowl and mix with the cornflour and sugar. Leave to sit for 5 minutes.
  • Lightly flour your counter top and roll out the pastry into a rough circle. The pastry should be just over 0.5cm thick. Carefully transfer the pastry onto your baking tray.
  • Leaving a 2cm border around the edge, cover the pastry with a thin layer of jam and spread evenly. Place the fruit on top. Fold the edges over the fruit making a 2-3cm crust. Egg wash the pastry crust and lightly dust with sugar.
  • Place the galette in the fridge to chill while your oven heats up to 190°C.
  • Bake for 45-50 minutes or until crispy and golden.
  • Use up any pastry scraps by cutting them into rounds and placing in a tart tin with a teaspoon of jam on top. These will only need 7-8 minutes in the oven at the same temperature.

Tips & tricks: 

  • Make sure your pistachios are finely chopped otherwise your pastry might struggle to hold together. A few big bits are nice to have bit it should be more of a powder than chunks.
  • If you know your fruit is very sweet or if you’re not using rhubarb, skip the sugar and add a squeeze of lemon juice to the fruit and cornflour mix.
  • Don’t worry too much about your pastry holding together perfectly. The less water you add, the crumblier and more delicious the pastry will be.
  • If you have a fridge big enough (we don’t), leave your tart in the fridge for 20 minutes before putting it in the oven.

This is the sort of thing that is best served fresh out of the oven (just slightly cooled) with a big spoon of clotted cream or crème double de gruyères or with a perfect scoop of vanilla ice cream. I am getting hungry just thinking about it.

What have you been baking? I’d love to know! I hope you’re all well. xS