Sofia Clara - picnic

Perhaps it’s down to the number of Vogue editorials featuring flower crowns, photos of Lana Del Rey or all the beautiful Swedish girls and their garlands during midsommar but for some unknown reason I’ve always wanted to make flower crowns. A few weekends ago, the girls and I planned a picnic in the park and I managed to convince them that it was the perfect opportunity to make over-sized flower crowns. Although, looking back at the result…I think over-sized is an understatement. Mine was huuuge!

We bought a bunch of mixed flowers (mainly roses, chrysanthemums and peonies), some floral wire and a pair of scissors. It was a lot easier than expected. We fitted the wire around our heads a few times and then twisted the ends and just started poking flowers and leaves through attaching them with wire when needed.

Sofia Clara - DIY flower crown2

Sofia Clara - DIY flower crown5

Sofia Clara - DIY flower crown3

Sofia Clara - DIY flower crown8

We all brought something along for the picnic. I made pink basil lemonade and salted caramel popcorn – probably two of my favourite recipes that I’ve posted that are really quick to make and perfect for a summer picnic. We also had taboublé, guacamole, melon, a tomato and mozzarella salad and lots of yummy summer foods.

Sofia Clara - picnic3

Lua was in heaven playing with the girls, running around in the park and posing for photos – isn’t she photogenic?

Sofia Clara - DIY flower crown4

Sofia Clara - picnic2

Lua also joined in the flower fun!

Sofia Clara - DIY flower crown7

Sofia Clara - DIY flower crown11

Sofia Clara - DIY flower crown9

Sofia Clara - DIY flower crown10

Sofia Clara - DIY flower crown6

It was really nice to have a little activity to do during the picnic. I might recommend choosing slightly smaller flowers but it was great fun! What have you been up to these last summer weekends? xS