While I love big DIY home decor projects, what I love most is getting really stuck into the details of a room. I think that the small details are what really bring a space together and make it feel yours.

I recently bought a bunch of pillows to go on the sofa and jazzed them up in a few different ways to make them look a little bit more interesting.

Couch pillowsI’m pretty embarrassed to admit that this is what the sofa looked like for faaar too long…

IKEA sofaYou probably recognise that IKEA sofa that absolutely everyone has, with a very exotic IKEA pillow that even more people have. Hugely original, I know.

Once I finally got around to buying some colourful pillows, I didn’t feel like it looked much better so wanted to add a personal touch and came up with three easy ways to jazz up your cushions.

sofa cushionsBeige cushions: IKEA, Pink: Interio, Patterned & teal: both micasa 

1. DIY pompom cushion

All you need is: 1 cushion and 8 pompoms (here’s a quick how-to video so you can make your own pompoms)

cushion diy hackRemove the cushion inside the cushion cover and use a crochet hook or a wide-eye needle to pull the strings of the pompoms through to the inside. Tie both strings together. Follow this process to add 2 pompoms to each corner of the cushion.

pompom cushion2. DIY tufted cushion

All you need is 1 cushion, 2 metal fabric cover buttons, 2 circles of fabric about double the diameter of the buttons

easy cushion hackFollow the instructions on your fabric cover buttons to cover them in the fabric of your choice. I chose a very similar fabric to the cushion because it’s what I had, but you could go for something darker or lighter, too.

fabric cover buttonsUsing a white pencil and a ruler, mark the middle of the cushion on both sides. Use a long needle and thick thread to sew the button on. Pull the thread all the way to the other side of the cushion and attach the other button through the same piece of thread. Go back and forth from button to button a few times making sure to pull the thread quite tightly to get this pulled fabric effect.

easy cushion diyKeep in mind that once you tuft a pillow like this, you will no longer be able to remove the cushion cover.

3. DIY mini pompom cushions

All you need is: 1 or 2 cushions with removable covers, a packet of mini pompoms

easy DIY pillowsRemove the pillow from the case. Use a pencil to mark out the letter or shape that you want on your cushion making sure it is centred. I did these freehand but you could print out and draw around a template if you like.

XO cushionsSew the little pompoms on one by one using a needle and same-coloured thread.

XO pillowsEt voilà, here’s my new and improved sofa with the three different DIY cushions on it!

I love how just a few little inexpensive bits and bobs can really make a difference.

Sofia Clara DIYI’m sure you’ve got a pile of cushions that could be re-vamped with some of these ideas! No need to even buy new ones.

Have a lovely day! xS