It’s safe to say that life has been intense recently. The last two months have been the busiest, the most emotional and most stressful months of my life – they do say opening a restaurant has that impact!

As everyone was coming home from their late summer holidays gorgeous and tanned, I started thinking about where I could go that was a short drive away from home but would still feel like a little escape before the cooler months came. When the Palafitte Hôtel in Neuchâtel invited me for a little getaway, it sounded like exactly what I needed! I had stopped by the hotel earlier this summer with Macha and since, had been dreaming of spending a night at the one and only mini Maldives resort here in Switzerland. I say that because a majority of the rooms are built on stilts on the lake, and you really do feel like you’ve been transported somewhere else.

Wearing: Bash Paris dress, Longchamp bag, Uterque shoes

It was only a matter of minutes after arriving that I kicked off my shoes, popped on my bikini and headed to the balcony.

On the balconies of all of their Lake Pavillion rooms there’s a private ladder leading down into the lake. Hearing the sound of the ladder splashing into the water was the sound of holidays – well, the closest thing I would get to a summer holiday this year.

Lac de neuchatelAnd no matter how cold the water was, I was determined to get it…

even if it was literally just for a 10 second dip!

Swiss lifestyle blogTriangl bikini

After my ice bath and as the sun started to set, we headed to dinner a little reluctant to leave the room – it had become a sort of perfect cocoon and I was almost tempted to just order room service and be totally anti social for the evening (beautiful hotel rooms have that impact on me).

Bash paris dressWearing Bash Paris dress, Longchamp bag

Cocktails (you know how much I love a good Hugo cocktail) and the spectacular show the sky put on for us did make it all worthwhile.

Palafitte Neuchatel SuisseWe did have dinner but, I have to say, I wasn’t blown away by the food. So while I would recommend the hotel for a getaway without any hesitation, I’m not sure I would recommend splashing out for dinner. The service was OK but quality of the food and the flavour combinations didn’t wow us.

The views, however, are out of this world and if you’re in the region on warm day, stop by for a drink after work because it really does transport you.


Swiss hotelsI even woke up at 6am in the morning just to head outside in my dressing gown and look out at the view over the Lac de Neuchâtel against the lake pavilions.

It was spectacular and so peaceful.

Swiss hotel reviewI shot a few photos and quickly headed back to the hotel room for a bath and breakfast.

Palafitte neuchatelIt was simply perfect and just what I needed.

Thank you to the Palafitte for having me and being my mini late summer holiday of the year! Now it’s back to reality and back to the mounds of work.

I hope you’re all coping as well as I am with summer coming to an end :(.

Big bisous xS