As the layers start coming off, the weather starts warming up and the summer holidays nearing, I normally feel my body pining to go running and get back into slightly better shape. These last few months have been pretty intense though and I just haven’t taken the time or found the motivation to do so, so I thought I’d set myself a few workout goals for the next few months.

First things first though, I obviously had to get myself some cute workout gear because apparently when I decluttered my wardrobe with the girls from Clarity, workout gear wasn’t something that sparked joy and I consequently got rid of it all. Well done, me. I really needed another excuse to shop.

I found this Hey Honey Yoga set (top and bottoms) on About You and I looove it! Every time I wear it someone asks me where it’s from. They have all sorts of combinations but this starry set is by far my favourite.


OK, now I’ve got something to wear, I officially have no excuse. Here are my three workout goals for this spring/summer:

1. Find a local running team

I’ve always ran by myself and loved the alone time but now I’m working independently, I really don’t need more of that and would love to find a running team to join for weekly or twice-weekly runs in and around Lausanne. Now that I live somewhere central, I think it’ll be a lot easier to find something that works with my schedule.

2. Find a flexible and affordable gym for rainy days or for group classes

I’m not going to go running in the rain because why would I do that to myself? And, I would like to find group classes to join that provide a different kind of exercise. I’ve always ran but I think I’d like to add a workout that’s not cardio and more focused on building strength.

3. Start doing yoga at home

Yoga intimidates me. I don’t know why but it does. I’d love to go to a yoga class but I feel like I’d just be that person at the back of the class who has no idea what she’s doing. I know so many people are in the same boat but it’s just a totally bizarre and irrational fear et c’est comme ça! Lots of people around me have recommended that I start doing yoga at home with the help of a series of Youtube videos. I’ve heard great things about Yoga with Adriene so I’m thinking of starting with the 30 day challenge but perhaps not over 30 consecutive days.

About you de

Et voilà, my three workout goals for this spring/summer! If you’re also struggling to find the motivation to workout, get yourself some new workout gear and set yourself some goals! Oh, and let me know what you’re aiming to achieve so we can suffer together!

Big bisous from New York! B and I are off for a hike around New York where we’re just going from brunch place, to brunch place no. 2, to midday snack place, a bar for drinks and then a dinner location and evening drinks… giving myself even more reason to workout when I’m home! xS

Photos by Hannah Shan Photography