Last weekend, I gave you a little tour of Emmaüs in Etagnières and shared a few tips on how to spot the gems in a charity shop. Today, I wanted to take the pieces we found out of the shop and show you how you could style them all together and just how easy it is to piece together a beautiful collection of second hand homeware. It was the perfect excuse for a late summer picnic with my one of my best friends and her gorgeous pup.

Whether you’re moving into your first apartment and don’t have any crockery or if just want to give your homeware a refresh, it’s really worth considering buying second hand… you’ll have a collection of homeware that is entirely unique, you’re giving the things you find a second life, and most importantly, the money you pay is going to a good cause supporting les compagnons at Emmaüs.

Absolutely everything in the photos below (except my basket bag and the glass water bottle) was found within the space of an hour in Emmaüs. We found a picnic blanket, a small cotton tablecloth, decorative cushions, 5 plates, 2 crystal shallow bowls, cotton napkins, water glasses, rosé or lemonade coupelles and a full set of silverware… a whole collection of things to make a perfect picnic set up!

One of the first things I found in the shop was this blue and white checkered picnic blanket priced at just 5CHF. I gave it a good wash (machine washed cold) and hung it out to dry in the sun and it smelt like home.

These glass coupelles looked like the perfect glasses to serve lemonade or rosé in while outside… they are sturdy and flat based so you don’t have to worry too much about spilling your drink if you have kids and dogs running around. There were four of these at just 2 CHF (about £1.60) each which felt like such a bargain!

These little crystal dishes were only 4 CHF (about £3.50) each. I love the detailing around the edges. I also found a full set of 12 silver WMF forks and spoons and a set of knives that matched quite well. Silverware is obviously always a little more expensive but still only about 20-30 CHF a set.

You guys loved the water glasses when I showed you on my stories and a few of you said that your grandparents used to have the same glasses and confirmed that they were previously mustard pots. I love that so many of you recognised these. These were just 1 CHF each.

Here’s a closer look at the plates that I picked out. They are colourful and a little funkier that the sort of plates that I’d usually go for but I think they work really well with the rest. I looked them up and they are normally about 4CHF (about £3.50) each on Ebay/Etsy so finding them for 2CHF (£1.60) each felt like a little win!

I often tell my clients that you need a few funkier pieces in a room or a collection to make it look really good. I always try to encourage myself to step outside of my comfort zone and go for something that I wouldn’t usually pick… funnily enough those are the pieces that I normally end up liking the most.

You all know how much I love a vintage cotton tablecloth. I picked this one out for just a couple of francs. I checked it for any stains and breaks in the lace but it looked like it was in really good condition. I hand washed this piece but I think that it would probably be fine going in the wash in a cotton mesh laundry bag.

As I said in my last post, I would usually only buy second hand home textiles made with natural fibres but I found these five cushions for under 20 CHF. Cushions at Emmaüs sell for about 2-5 CHF each (£1.60-£4). Some of them are a little quirky but I like that for an outdoor space as you really don’t want anything too precious on your balcony or in your garden. Don’t they work well together?

I can’t quite believe that I found all of these things within the space of an hour… it felt almost too good to be true! The whole picnic setup (excluding cutlery) came to a total of about 75CHF (£60) all of which goes to a wonderful cause.

I have loved putting together this little collection of pieces for Emmaüs. If you’re not an avid charity shop shopper already, I hope this has given you a few ideas of things to look out for. I have loved your DMs with photos of the things you’ve found in the store over the last week… one of you sent in a photo of a vintage silk PJ top styled with high waisted jeans that looked AMAZING! Keep them coming! They make me so happy.

If you particularly like these pieces, make sure to follow the Emmaüs Etagnières Instagram page where all of these items will be sold as a group for a bargain price some time early next week! It was hard to let go of some of these gorgeous pieces but I hope someone snaps them up and gives them a new home and uses them for many years to come.

As always, a big thank you for stopping by for a read. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and happy shopping if you do pop my Emmaüs! xS

Photos by Brigitte Besson for Emmaus Etagnières