With Mother’s Day coming up in 2 weeks (FYI, it’s on 8th May for the majority of us), I thought it would be fun to share three gift ideas for those of you who are looking to treat your mum to something special.

These are all things I personally love because the best gifts are always those you would love to receive, right? I know my mum would love all of these!

mother's day gifts1. 2 entrances to a spa near you

I’m all about giving gifts that people wouldn’t buy themselves, and I don’t know many people who would treat themselves to a spa day out of the blue. Out of all people, I think our mother’s probably deserve this kind of getaway the most. It’s really worth finding a spa near you and looking into the price of an entrance or two.

The Royal Savoy is a five star hotel here in Lausanne which has recently been refurbished. Tanya and Sarah from The Lausanne Guide recently posted a full review for those of you in the region who want a closer peek! They are opening their spa this spring and everyone is saying it will be the biggest and most luxurious around. Buying two spa entrances for you and your mum would be a pretty awesome gift!

2. A selection of beauty and care products

If you think your mum needs a little something to pamper herself, these are a few products that I have tried, tested and loved that I would recommend as gifts:

ultimate mother's day gift basket3. A photo session

I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t have enough photos of me and my mum. We try to take a few nice ones at Christmas time and at birthday dinners but I would love to have a few professional shots with her. I think a voucher for a photo session would be an awesome gift (for both of you).

gift basket for mother's dayDo you remember your mum’s favourite Mother’s Day gift you ever gave her? Have you already got something in mind for this year?

If you’re short on time, money or ideas, I’m really excited to announce that I’m actually giving away this whole basket of gifts: all of the products, two spa entrances and a 50% off voucher for a session with Hannah Shan! All of the details to enter the giveaway will be up on my Facebook page this afternoon! *Giveaway open for Swiss readers only*

blog-giveawayGood luck for the giveaway and I’d love to know if you’ve got any great ideas! xS

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