Over the years, I have spent a small fortune on silk ribbon. I have a whole box full that I insisted was absolutely essential that it came with me to London. All of it. It’s probably a little excessive, but I often use it in my hair, to wrap beautiful presents, and for work on things like moodboards to add texture.

I love the selection on Seidenband and have often use their ribbon in DIY projects (so that’s a great option if you don’t want to make it yourself), but it is really easy to make. It’s a good way to use up any silk scraps you might have lying around, and to get the exact colour you want if you’re into dying fabric.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own silk ribbon:

Step 1: Cut the silk to the width you’d like your ribbon to be. I made mine 3cm wide.

Step 2: Tear your silk along the slit. Don’t worry about fraying, it’ll add to the charm.

Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2 to make multiple strips of silk that are all the same width.

Step 4: Iron all the strip of ribbon well. Don’t use the steam function on the iron.

Step 5: Cut off all the loose threads that were created from tearing the fabric.

Step 6: Pin pieces of ribbon end to end together to create a seam.

Step 7: Sew along the pinned lines.

Step 8: Iron down the seam.

Repeat the steps above until you get the desired length of ribbon. The last thing to do is to roll your ribbon around a wooden spool and you’re done! It’s as easy as that.

I love the gently frayed edges you get from ripping the silk, and I love that it would be so easy to play around with different natural dyes to get the exact colour you’re looking for. The seams in the ribbon add to the charm and make it look so clearly handmade in the most beautiful way.

I’m so excited with how this ribbon turned out. I wrapped one of my best friend’s 30th birthday presents with it and it looked so lovely.

I do always ask the person I give the ribbon to if they will re-use it and if not, I pop it back in the box and reuse it at another time. I think it looks more and more beautiful with use, but it does hand wash well and you can always iron out any creases.

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