Sofia Clara - Brunch Lausanne1D and I are big brunch fans and we’re out to find the region’s best brunch spots for all of you readers living in the Lausanne region who love brunch. We’re out to try as many as brunch places as possible and report back to you with an honest review.

Today, we went to the Starling Hotel in Saint Sulpice which is right by the EPFL university, just a little walk from the lake.

Once you get up to the restaurant, which is literally just below EPFL, you find a pretty nice terrace with a little sneak peak of the lake and a lovely view of the mountains.

Sofia Clara - Brunch Lausanne13They offer an all you can eat buffet from 11h30 – 15h00 for 42 CHF per person including coffee, fruit juice, water and a selection of hot and cold food. It’s more of a buffet lunch than a brunch really as they serve salads, quiche, pizza, filled savory croissants, etc. with a few brunch items such as viennoiseries and fruit juices.

Sofia Clara - Brunch Lausanne3I absolutely love going to restaurant with D. He knows just what I like and made a little plate up for me as I snapped a few photos.

Sofia Clara - Brunch Lausanne2

There were very few people around at all so we grabbed a spot outside and enjoyed the sun. It was warm and finally felt like summer.

Sofia Clara - Brunch Lausanne7The tuna filled croissants were probably my favourite thing.

Sofia Clara - Brunch Lausanne9

And these super cute mini pain au chocolats. (I think I need a few more adjectives in that sentence)

I think you can see a trend here – I like pretty much anything covered in pastry.

Sofia Clara - Brunch Lausanne10And naturally, I was sure to save a spot for dessert…

Sofia Clara - Brunch Lausanne11Watermelon and not-very-crunchy crème brulées.Sofia Clara - Brunch Lausanne12


Overall, the food was OK and the service was pretty good.

I’m more of a fresh fruit juice, pancakes, eggs and bacon kind of brunch girl so it wasn’t exactly my cup of tea.

It’s a little way from town so I don’t think I would personally go out of my way to go back but if I lived closed or went to uni there, I might think about it although it is a bit pricey.

My favourite thing about the place is that it’s just a walk away from the lake.

Sofia Clara - Brunch Lausanne16

It’s a pretty casual place and the weather has finally warmed up over here so I chose to wear some ripped boyfriend jeans, a crop top and some espadrilles.

Sofia Clara - Brunch Lausanne15In retrospect, I’m not quite sure why I chose to wear a crop top to an “all you can eat” brunch.

By this time, I should know myself better to know that even if the food isn’t fantastic, if I’m paying good money at a restaurant I take “all you can eat” very literally and this is what happens when you’re wearing a crop top:

Sofia Clara - Brunch Lausanne14

Sofia Clara - Brunch Lausanne17

Which means that you better make time to fit in a little work out ;)

Sofia Clara - Brunch Lausanne21

I’m just joking,  I went for a run this morning!

Sofia Clara - Brunch Lausanne18

If you live in the region, do share your best brunch spots in the comments and your favourite dishes to order.

Oh, and in case you’re interested: Jeans: Zara, Top & Shoes: Scout, Midi-ring: Urban Outfitters, Bag: Alex-Max

Have a lovely Sunday. xS