When my mind is overloaded and I wake myself up shouting paint reference numbers in my sleep (apparently that’s what opening a restaurant does to you), I find that doing something manual is the best way to disconnect and sort of re-centre. You must be familiar with that panging need to get the circular saw and the drill out. No? Just me?

As you know, the guys from Le Pointu and I are opening a new restaurant but the last few weeks have been all about planning, budgeting and placing furniture orders and I’ve been dying to get away from the computer and back to doing something with my own hands and see a project come to life.

Before we get to all the DIY projects at the new restaurant, I thought I’d satisfy that urge by making some new shelves to fill this random little alcove that I had in my kitchen when I moved in. I honestly don’t know why this space was empty in the first place.

Short on time, I didn’t do anything complex but I’m really happy I got in done and I can’t tell you how handy it is to have some extra storage space in my tiny apartment.

The alcove has slightly awkward dimensions (it’s wider at the back than at the front) which is what had initially put me off making anything for the space.  As it happened, it was really very easy to do as I figured out that one of the back angles of the alcove was a right angle (or near enough).  So all I needed to do was measure the width of the front and back of the alcove, use the right angle of the planks of wood I had bought on one side and cut them to size on the other, which I did with the help of my step dad and his awesome circular saw that I’m slightly envious of.  I then cut a few 2x3cm strips of wood to size for them to sit on. The shelves sit on three strips of wood that make a U-shape.

They aren’t perfectly snug but I think that adds to the charm :) and as I said, I was so much easier than expected. It sort of goes to show that sometimes when you just start getting on with a job, it turns out to be a lot easier than you thought.

I had a little play around with the shelves to see how much I could fit on them before putting a medium/dark wax on the wood and painting the structure underneath white.

I’ve added some new pieces from La Redoute to the kitchen which I absolutely love and have mixed them in with some old favourites.

La Redoute have recently done an amazing collaboration with Hello Blogzine and brought out these beautiful rustic speckled bowls (perfect for an acai bowl in the morning), some glassware and a collection of linen tablecloths and tea towels. I love seeing bloggers collaborate with brands I love and the whole of this collection is absolutely stunning.

I mixed things up with some vintage gems like these Lyssex scales (a 1930s Art Deco staple for any Swiss household), my rolling pin, mixing bowls and put an Etsy watercolour print at the back. And guys, after over a year of burning my toast, I’ve finally got myself a swanky toaster! The toaster of all toasters – a Smeg toaster!

I also found these wire baskets which have a rough workshop feel to them. I bought six but only ended up using one on the shelves but have them dotted all around the apartment now and have this vision of a future workshop where everything is stored in baskets like these. Le rêve. La Redoute have a great selection of baskets – I use that one at the bottom to put my recycling in.

Ooh and on a bit of a side note, spot the bottles of Alata – a delicious Swiss vermouth – if you’re looking for a nice and original gift for a foodie friend, these bottles come in stunning but simple packaging with beautiful recipes cards!

More than anything as I decorate spaces for myself and for clients, I’m realising that what makes a space work and feel homey to me is the mixture of old and new. I love how buying a few new, functional and affordable things from a website like La Redoute and mixing them with pieces I love that have a story, makes for such a lovely little kitchen alcove.

And well, most of all, I just wanted to show off my new toaster because you know you’ve made it when you’ve got a seriously overpriced toaster, right?

What have you guys been up to? Any new additions to your homes? I hope you’re all well and enjoying the last few weeks of summer.

I’ve been making bucket loads of pink lemonade and loving the warm nights. Big bisous xS

Photos by Hannah Shan Photography