Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog and the kind of content I want to share on here. Working independently means that I find it hard to set aside time to write a blog post like this because I feel like my time should be spent on activities that directly generate income and well, actually pay the rent. I’ve been focusing on interior decor work which I absolutely love but that means that I’ve had considerably less time to write and collect my thoughts, and I really missed it.

In the midst of all of these thoughts, I stumbled across Jasmine Dowling’s blog where I found this blog post where she sort of re-caps the month of June, the highs and lows and brings together her inspirations in the most beautiful way. Inspired by her post, and reminded of how much I used to love scrapbooking, I thought I’d try something similar and share a few more snippets from the month with no particular structure or intention – just a bit of a brain dump, really.

Let’s kick things off with a few fashion favourites:

  • I just got an all new Vanja Jocic panama hat which I’m never taking off! I forgot how lovely it was to wear a perfectly fitting panama. Vanja makes all of her hats handmade herself and I’m so lucky to have finally got my hands on one.
  • I wore, and loved, this white Tara Jarmon dress (featured above but unfortunately sold out) out to dinner with Clive and his parents in Nyon. We had filets de perches after a dip in the lake and it was the perfect summer’s evening. Can it be summer forever, please?
  • And I kind of love how cheesy (and cringeworthy) it is that I got these almost matching Converse for Clive and myself on Sarenza.

I’m also trying to switch up my ultra simple jewellery collection and buy a few statement pieces that really finish off an outfit. I found these Elizabeth and James earrings on Zalando and although they’re a bit heavy to wear all day, I’ve loved wearing them on evenings out.

My summer essentials come in the form of a delicate flower, a gorgeous food magazine and Jo Malone’s new body oil:

Cosmos are back on the market stalls and I love how delicate (and how cheap) they are.

For my birthday earlier this year, Clive got me a subscription to Delicious Magazine – the ultimate food magazine and I love picking it up when I have a tea break or if we head out for a read & picnic on the Heath when I’m in London.

Jo Malone have also just launched their very first body and hair oil and it is SO good. I like being able to wear a lighter version of the scent and not have to bother with perfume when it’s so hot out. There aren’t many things better than having a shower after a day by the lake or by the sea and rubbing this stuff into your hair and skin. Plus, Lime Basil & Mandarin feels like most of the world’s favourite scent – I get so many compliments and questions about the scent when I wear it.

Give me an endless supply of these three things and I’ll be happy all summer.

Because life is full of highs and lows, I felt like these posts shouldn’t just about a bunch of gorgeous things but also about times that may have been a little tough.

As you know, Clive lives in London and although we see each other fairly regularly, it’s hard being away from each other and not really knowing when we’ll live in the same place. We’ve both been busy but often at different times this month which means that it can be hard to be there for each other at the right time. We’re literally counting down the days until our summer holiday in the States and are dreaming up lots of plans for the future – the latest plan involves buying a canal boat on the Thames. I’m not even joking – I’ve already bought two books to read about living on a narrow boat and keep asking Clive very pertinent questions like whether he’d rather live on a dutch barge or a widebeam (yes, I’ve got all the canal boat terminology down).

I’ve also just been flooded with general doubt this month. I’ve been negotiating a few big contracts where I really have had to stand by my worth and think about the future and know what I want. I can’t even think about what’s happening tomorrow, never mind two years down the line! The reality of working alone has been knocking me down a little. It would be so nice to have a colleague to bounce ideas off sometimes.

For those of you wondering, unfortunately, things didn’t end up working out with Stephanie (who I recruited in April). We worked together for a few months but then ended up going separate ways. That was a bit of a knock but I guess these things happen for a reason and hopefully I’ve now got a better idea of the kind of profile I’m looking out for.

The highs this month have definitely been all about my love for watermelon (I cannot get enough of watermelon, feta and mint salad), flower picking at self-service flower fields and a bunch of amazing people…

Co-working at a café in town on Wednesday mornings with Victoria has been so lovely. This girl has a heart of gold but is feisty and knows what she wants. I love that.

I’ve been beaming with pride as my friend Yousra was at Paris Couture Week and has had more features in Vogue (scroll through to photo 57) than I can count on my two hands. She doesn’t talk about it much but she stands so strongly on promoting female empowerment and this photo encapsulates that message.

The other day, after taking a few photos for Le Pointu I stopped to have a bite to eat and found myself sitting next to a girl called Laura who recognised me and we had the loveliest chat. We talked about the “lows” in life being what pushes us forwards and how we wouldn’t recognise the highs, if we didn’t live the lows. If you’re reading, thank you Laura for your wonderful company. I love chance encounters like this so much.

This month was also my 10 year high school reunion and it was so nice to be back with so many old friends. Everyone there was just the same and I loved how we fell back into how everything used to be even a whole 10 years later. How has it possibly been 10 years?

And that’s it for the very first monthly scrapbook. Can you believe it’s almost the end of July? Let me know what you think of this kind of post.

Next month is a BIG month work wise but ends with 2 weddings and a road trip around some of the national parks near Vegas including the Grand Canyon and Zion which I am really excited about. I’m aiming for a really productive next 4-5 weeks and then total disconnect – two challenges in themselves. Wish me luck!

I hope you’re all enjoying the month of July and have lots of exciting things planned for the rest of the summer. I’d love to know what you’re up to and any things/people/products that you’ve found and loved so far this month. See you back here soon :). Big bisous xS