If you’ve been following on Instagram you’ll know that during UK lockdown in April and May we spent a lot of time decorating our flat here in London… we painted the walls, had the woodworker in and bought a few pieces of furniture. After the summer back home in Switzerland, we’re finally back and are picking up where we left off. I showed you all of the snazzy organising we did under our IKEA MALM ottoman bed in these stories and this weekend I just finished sewing the slipcover to go over the headboard. It works perfectly and I love how to softens the space and adds to the cosiness of the bed. You can see the headboard before in this post.

It’s easy to make, machine washable and has that imperfect crease that you get from this kind of linen. I love how this little project turned out and if you’re looking for an affordable ottoman bed with a washable headboard cover, this is the way to go!

Here’s what you’ll need to make a linen headboard slipcover for your MALM bed:

  • 100% cotton wadding (you’ll need a 200 x 150cm piece – this is the one I used)
  • Fabric scissors
  • Sewing pins
  • Cotton machine thread & bobbin
  • A sewing machine
  • A linen flat sheet (I used this single flat sheet to make the headboard cover)
  • Linen scraps to make the ties
  • Sew on snaps (optional)

Step 1: Use the wadding to make a simple cover for the headboard. The headboard comes up 62.5cm from the base of the bed so I made the cover come down 60cm by the length of the headboard (150cm).

Step 2: Cut and hem your linen to size. Once hemmed mine was 165 x 170cm. The piece of fabric will hang all the way down the back of the bed and down the front of the headboard to the base of the bed where the mattress sits.

Step 3: Put your resized hemmed flat sheet over the headboard and pin either side so you know where to sew. Place your pins a few millimetres inside the hem of your fabric.

Step 4: Use your sewing machine to sew up about 55cm from where the mattress sit to about 5cm from the top of the slipcover. Sew just inside the hem of the fabric.

Step 5: Cut the ribbon or ties to size. These are 3 x 50cm. You will need four ties; two for each side. I used the hem from the scraps of the flat sheet and just hemmed the other side but you could also buy ribbon or another sort of tie from a fabric shop.

Step 6: Place the headboard cover back on the bed and pin on the ties to the headboard cover and the valance sheet. Use a pencil to mark out where the sew-on snaps will go on both the valance and the headboard cover. Repeat on the other side.

Step 7: Using the sewing machine for the ties and a needle and thread for the sew-on snaps, sew both onto the slipcover and the valance.

Step 8: Place the slipcover back on, tie the ties and close the sew on snaps to make sure everything aligns. You can see the snaps here.

Tips and Tricks:

  • I’d recommend washing the wadding and the sheet before sewing so you don’t struggle with the fabric shrinking after the first wash.
  • Make sure to keep the slipcover a little bit bigger than the headboard so you get a baggy creased linen look to match linen sheets. It also stops the headboard from looking too rectangular.
  • This is the valance sheet that I bought but if you’re outside of the UK, bed sizes will differ. I’d recommend finding a local supplier or making your own from linen. IKEA have a great selection of neutral fabric that could work if you wanted to make the whole thing from scratch.

What do you think? Not a bad option as an affordable fabric-covered ottoman bed that’s 100% washable, right? This may just be one of my favourite IKEA hacks I’ve come up with… along with the kitchen island, of course!

Thanks so much for stopping by for a read. Have a wonderful week ahead. xS

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with IKEA