There’s nothing that makes me jump up and down like a ridiculously excitable child quite like Christmas does. This season I’ve had the most fun decorating my first Christmas shop window, putting up the decor at Le Pointu and the other day, I finally made some time to make a wreath for my own little home.

I made a pompom wreath a few years ago but this is the first more traditional wreath I’ve ever made from scratch and I love it! It’s really very easy to make and doesn’t take long at all so you’ve still got time to hang one on your door, even if Christmas is just a few days away now.

How to make a Christmas wreath

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A pair of secateurs
  • A natural wreath base similar to this one
  • Green wire 
  • 2 branches of pine (one silvery and one that’s a more vibrant green)
  • The tips of a few eucalyptus branches
  • A small branch of ilex berries
  • Decorations of your choice


Watch the video above for the full how-to.

Care tips: The eucalyptus leaves will dry out pretty quickly as they aren’t in water. Keeping the wreath outside on your front door where it’s cooler and/or spraying the wreath twice a day with water will help keep the wreath looking fresh. Feel free to swap the eucalyptus leaves with other branches or replace them from time to time if you want to keep it from looking dry.
DIY Xmas wreathMaking a wreath from scratch really is that simple. I’d love to know how you normally make your wreath! I’ve seen the most amazing wreaths on the front doors of the houses here in London – next year I’m going bigger and bolder!

Big bisous. xS