Earlier this week, one of my best friends and I drove over to Vevey for the ultimate spa day together at the Hôtel des Trois Couronnes and I cannot tell you just how perfect of a day it was. It was so lovely to finally have some time together to catch up and to enjoy a little treat. L has just finished her masters so it was a nice chance to celebrate.

On Monday morning, we were welcomed in the beautiful lobby by Soatiana, the Spa Manager (who is absolutely stunning by the way) who gave us a quick tour of the hotel. I couldn’t quite believe that I live just 20 minutes from Vevey but have never actually stepped foot in the Trois Couronnes. Soatiana told us that the hotel was built in 1842 and is one of the three oldest hotels in Switzerland. You know how much I love an old hotel with so many tales to tell… I can’t help but think of all the things that have gone on inside of these walls over the last almost 200 years!

Hotel Trois Couronnes

PianoThe “theme of the day” was detox (or so we thought until lunchtime came around), so we started our day with a workout in one of the personal training rooms. The hotel has a fully equipped gym but also has two workout rooms available if you want to do your own thing. L and I have both been doing Kayla Itsines’ BBG on and off for a while now, so squeezed in a quick workout, followed by some stretching.

We were pretty impressed that they had absolutely everything we needed from the actual equipment to water and even speakers to plug your phone into.

Gym Vevey

BBG workout

Sofia Clara BBG
After the workout, we cooled off and headed to the reception for our massages.

Spa trois couronnesI had a 60 minute detox massage and L had a back massage.

My massage therapist said that the detox massage was going to concentrate on helping release toxins from the main organs that store them. I’m not too sure if I understood how it was different to any other massage (although I’m certainly no expert) but it was a great massage! My therapist (who if I remember rightly, was called Guilia) had a great touch, applied a good amount of pressure and was very polite and discrete.

I particularly liked that they had a choice of different (and all very neutral) oils which were warmed up so they didn’t go onto your skin cold – that was a really nice touch that even L (a trained physiotherapist and sports therapist) was impressed by.

Salle-de-massageAfter the message – feeling well and truly spoilt – we got changed and headed to lunch at the 3C where we ate in my favourite room of them all…

Restaurant 3C

Swiss lifestyle blogSofia Clara blogWe had a detox menu (for the food at least) with champagne and wine perfectly paired to each dish.

The chef told us that we were actually getting a taster of three new dishes that are going to be added to the menu at the end of this week so that was quite exciting!

ChampagneThe meal started was an artichoke sabayon which perhaps could have had a touch more crunch for my liking but was delicious all the same.

Restaurant 3C VeveyFor the main course, the sommelier served us a fairly dry Petite Arvine from the Valais that paired so well with the scallop and endive dish.

Petite Arvine

ScallopsDessert was actually my favourite dish of all – which is surprising for a gastronomic restaurant as I’m normally disappointed by desserts. The pineapple ravioli were not only beautiful but also a delicious combination of favours and textures and the perfect end to the meal.

3C Vevey hotelAfter lunch, which finished on a rather giggly note, we headed back down to the spa to make the most of the pool, sauna, hammam and just relax, read and chat away until the sun went down.Trois couronnes spa


Reading spaIt was perfect and there was something so nice about being in the spa and the green-house-looking dining room knowing it was so cold outside. It was like a mini tropical retreat.

I can’t stop thinking how much of an amazing treat this would be for Valentines Day whether it’s with your boyfriend/girlfriend, best friend, mum or anyone you want to show some love to! I had the best time with L – proper quality time and we cannot wait to go back soon!

Now get going and book yourself a massage or at least get your significant other to give you one :)! xS