There aren’t many things better than a getaway with one of your best friends and some proper pampering.

Earlier this month, Lily and I spent a night at the President Wilson in Geneva and I thought I’d take you for a little nosey around the hotel and the spa over here on the blog. We had such a lovely time, the most delicious sushi, lots of catching up and some serious pampering with none other than La Mer experts. And, if you know me at all, you’ll know I have a serious weakness for any La Mer products. It was pure heaven.

First things first, after a quick cup of tea with Vanja to pick up my new panama hat and running a few other errands in Geneva, Lily and I checked into our room at the Hotel President Wilson. We had a twin room on the 6th floor and a stunning view of the lake.

After lounging around in the room for a little while eating macaroons and treating ourselves to a few glasses of Perrier Jouët, we got ready and headed down to the pool for poolside drinks.

Sarah, the hotel’s lovely Marketing Manager, joined us for dinner and drinks which explains the three straws and that third person in the reflection between our attempted candid shot of us sipping on the monstrous Cooper Pineapple cocktail, just what we needed to get the evening started.

Also, I had absolutely no idea that the top of those copper pineapple cocktail glasses were actually meant to hold the bottom of the glass. I’m not sure I knew they were meant to be cocktails glasses at all for that matter.

After soaking up the last of the sun, we moved to the other side of the pool to the hotel’s Japanese fusion restaurant, Umami. We were treated to a taste of what felt like (and turns out, actually was) the whole menu. It was incredible. I would go back in a heart beat.

My favourites were the crispy nigiri, crunchy chicken bites, the vegetarian gyoza, the mixed sushi rolls and the sautéed vegetables. Come to think of it, I think that’s exactly what I’ll order next time I go. They have a great selection of vegetarian options too which is always good to see on the menu and their desserts were delicious. I’m all about the mochi at Japanese restaurants but they also have a yuzu tart and a baba au rhum which were pretty tasty too.

It was a really warm evening so we rushed upstairs after dinner to change into our swimming costumes dying to go in the pool only to be promptly told that the pool was closed. I know, I know, it’s not all that surprising but it felt like a bit of a tease having dinner right by the pool on such a warm night and not being able to go in.

The night ended watching Mean Girls in bed and finishing off the bottle of champagne which wasn’t that bad of an alternative. We’re such cliche 90s girls.

The next morning, we had breakfast in our room: a selection of bread and viennoiseries, a bowl of bircher, tea and fresh fruit juices.

And then we got to the really good stuff (as if all that food wasn’t good enough)…

After breakfast, we had a knock on our door and were led down to the spa. The hotel has a private Spa Suite which is a room with a private jacuzzi, sauna and steam room. We had the suite to ourselves for an hour before we were treated to a 50 minute relaxing message side by side, followed by a little facial treatment where the La Mer experts applied the products they thought best suited our skin types.

I’m big on most La Mer products but it’s always nice to have a specialist talk you through what they would recommend for your specific skin type. I had never tried the Lip Balm and oooh my is this stuff good.

The other products they used on my skin were the cleansing micellar water, the revitalizing serum, the moisturizing soft lotion and the eye balm.

After our couple of hours in the Spa Suite, we were reluctant to leave but were told that there were two sun beds booked for us by the pool and it was an incredibly beautiful day. They put these cute oversized sun hats on the sunbeds to show they are reserved – a really nice touch, I thought.

We had originally planned to stay all day but the sun was beaming down on us and they don’t allow parasols around the sunbeds closest to the pool which was a bit of a shame. I’m all about sitting in the shade and reading a good book by the pool and especially wasn’t quite ready to jump into the pool after all of that La Mer goodness had been applied to my face…so it was off back to Lausanne for some lake-side chilling under the shade of the trees for us.

All in all, it was a lovely little getaway tagged on to running a few errands in Geneva and most importantly, a proper catch up with one of my faves.

A BIG thank you to all of the staff at the President Wilson for the warm welcome. I’ll undoubtedly be back before you know for some of crispy nigiri! They were so good I can almost taste them.

The highlights? The team at Umami showering us with sushi and other Japanese-French fusion treats, serious La Mer pampering and proper girly time with one of my besties. I couldn’t possible have asked for more on a rare weekend not spent cooking brunch.

Thanks for stopping by for a read and make sure to make some time for a proper pamper session for you and your favourite people! Big bisous xS