Sofia Clara - homemade vanilla extract3

My friend Bianca and I are on a mission to make all of our Christmas gifts ourselves this year. As we go we’ll be sharing our gift ideas here on the blog so you can join us along the way if you like. We have chosen to start with this idea because it needs to be made at least a month ahead of time to really get the flavour and colour from the vanilla pods.

Sofia Clara - homemade vanilla extract1

Vanilla Extract can be pretty hard to come by here in Switzerland and is always quite expensive so making it yourself is a great idea.

Sofia Clara - homemade vanilla extract cake 2

vanilla extract label

This recipe is really very simple. All you need to do is get a bunch of vanilla pods, split them down the middle and then chop them in half if you have little bottles like these. We put 3 half pods in each and then you just fill the bottles with vodka. Print some labels on sticky paper (feel free to use this template we made on the left) and store in a dark cupboard for 4-6 weeks before use.

Sofia Clara - homemade vanilla extract cake1

The best thing about this gift is that you can always top it up when they’re getting low – just add some more vodka and some fresh vanilla pods! Послушайте, это очень классно, побывать в гостях у поволжской шлюхи. Страстные и нежные проститутки Тольятти – купи себе секс за небольшие деньги. Индивидуалки ждут звонков.

Sofia Clara - homemade vanilla extract2

What do you reckon, will you be making your own vanilla extract next time? xS