Sofia Clara - IKEA4This is probably one of my most exciting posts!

I was contacted by the lovely Helen from IKEA Family Live in autumn last year to share a few photos of my home on their blog. The article is now live and can be found here in French (DE here and IT here). The text I submitted has been quite radically modified in order to highlight the products on show but I’m hugely grateful for the opportunity to share my home.

Like most young people over here in Switzerland, 99% of the furniture in the apartment came from IKEA as it’s one of the few affordable furniture stores. That made it easy to shoot a few of their pieces.

Here’s a little tour of the apartment I lived in up until the end of last year – starting with the kitchen!

Sofia Clara - kitchen8This white table below was left here when we moved in and was originally black which we stripped down with a chemical varnish remover. This is an awesome way to give wooden furniture an makeover.

The fruit basket I got at a local flea market for just 10 CHF.

Sofia Clara - kitchen7These jars (1 and 2) store things like oats, corn, pasta, and other dry foods used regularly and look pretty next to the most awesome kitchen tool – the Kitchen Aid!

Sofia Clara - kitchen3I love these hanging planters which fit the plants perfectly. All we did was attach a bit of string along the top of the window and lead the plants along it. As they were right by the window they  got plenty of light and grew really well.

Sofia Clara - kitchen2

Sofia Clara - kitchen6Next, is a snoop into a very girly bedroom where D had bought me a dressing table which was the catalyst for an almost all white bedroom – whoops!

Sofia Clara - bedroom6This was where gorgeous Lua slept at night but she had little beds all over the place!

Sofia Clara - bedroom13

Sofia Clara - IKEA2

Sofia Clara - IKEA3

Sofia Clara - bedroom4

Sofia Clara - bedroom5Looking back, I think I went a little overboard with the white and girliness of this room but it was such a calming, clutter-free space.

Sofia Clara - bedroom11

I personalised the chest of drawers with little colourful drawer knobs that I bought at a flea market in Berlin.

Sofia Clara - bedroom1

Sofia Clara - bedroom9This was always such a happy space and an awesome way to start the day!

Sofia Clara - IKEA1And last of all, here’s a sneak into the office space…

My bestie B and I painted the stripes on the wall which was lots of fun and really transformed the space. It soon became one of my favourite spaces and made working from home such a treat!Sofia Clara - office5

Sofia Clara - office3

Sofia Clara - office1FYI: chair, desk legs, sheepskin rug on chair

Decorating this space was definitely one of my favourites. I got to print out photos from a girly trip to Zurich, a shot of these ginger cupcakes I made and a shot of me and my mama from our trip to Sardinia. I love making use of the masses of photos I have on my computer.

Sofia Clara office

I printed these at Copy Quick in Lausanne (Place Pépinet 1, 1003 Lausanne). All you’ve got to do is PDF them to the right size and make sure to have high quality photos and they will help you in store!

Sofia Clara - office4

Wearing: Mango dress, House of Fraser belt

That’s the end of the tour – I can assure you that it wasn’t always this tidy and often would get very messy during baking frenzies and DIY weekends! The shots of the dining room and living room aren’t in here are we hadn’t finished decorating them at the time.

These photos were taken in Autumn last year and lots has changed since. I’ve actually moved out of my flat with D and although things are over, looking back at these photos only brings back very fond memories and I’m grateful for the good times we spent in our lovely home. Leaving Lua has to be one of the hardest things I have ever done but I know she’s spoilt with love and cuddles and in the best hands possible.

Big bisous xS