Beautiful stationery, pressed flowers and cute stamps that look like more like stickers – this blog post has so many of my favourite things and is such a flashback to the days of pen pals and almost completely covering envelopes with stickers. I love it.

Today, I’m teaming up with Swiss Post to share an idea of how to make a good luck card with pressed flowers. They have recently launched a whole collection of fun stamps including these pink Lucky Pig stamps. I love that they are so attentive to the tiniest of details.

I snuck a precious pressed four leaved clover on one of these cards to match the stamps. Handmade cards don’t come any cuter than this!

Aside from the fuzzy stamps, I’ve also tracked down a gorgeous handmade paper supplier. I was looking for frayed card and stumbled across Seidenband paper and envelopes. They mainly sell as wedding invitations, but I don’t see why we shouldn’t use such beautiful paper for all sorts of other special occasions, too.

In order to keep absolutely everything in this DIY natural and recyclable, I had a little play around mixing up a natural glue using water and flour and it worked wonderfully. I made these a couple of weeks ago and they are still holding strong.

Here’s what you need to make your own pressed flower cards:

Step 1: Pick weeds, delicate flowers and four leaved clovers (if you’re lucky) from the garden and press between the pages of a heavy book using scrap paper to protect the pages. Leave under a pile of books for at least a week.

Step 2: Score down the middle of your A5 piece of card gently using scissors and a ruler to make a folding A6 card. Make sure not to cut all the way through. Fold the card in half and use either landscape or portrait.

Step 3: Place 25ml water in a small bowl.

Step 4: Add about 2 teaspoons sieved flour.

Step 5: Whisk together until the glue is the consistency of a thick crêpe batter.

Step 6: Play around with the layout of your flowers using different lengths.

Step 7: Use a thin kebab stick to apply the glue onto the back of the dried flowers.

Step 8: Press down gently and leave to dry under a heavy book to set.

Use your Lucky Pig stamps on the envelope and send the cards as a good luck card for someone starting a new job, to wish someone well in their new home or for a summer birthday. These would also make gorgeous event invitations.

Tips & tricks:

  • Think about using weeds or herbs found around the garden. I would avoid using shop-bought flowers as they would probably be too big.
  • Gather more flowers than you think you’ll need and try to keep the stems as long as possible so you can play around.
  • The flatter your flowers, the better they will stick on.
  • Be sure to wash away the glue after use as it will explode through the jam jar. Trust us, we learnt from experience!

Thanks for stopping by for a read. I hope you love this DIY project as much as I do and I hope you have a wonderful week.

Big bisous. xS

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Swiss Post

Photos by Nicole Hertel