Hello and good morning :) It is the very first Monday of the year and there is no day quite like today for fresh starts – this has to be the ultimate Monday of the year.

I hope you all had an absolutely wonderful end to 2018 surrounded by loved ones, and for those of you that may have missed my post on Instagram, Happy New Year! I hope 2019 brings happiness, success and even more mince pies than last year – that is after all the definition of a good year, right?

After two weeks of non-stop celebrations and being surrounded by so many people I love, last week, I came back to my tiny little Lausanne apartment and it was quiet, there were no mince pies, no games being played and I went back to sitting at my desk going through emails, project planning and the remains of 2018 administration that I didn’t have the energy to finish before the holidays. I’ve had a bit of the post-Christmas blues and just generally wishing that all of those people I love lived closer together and so we could all hang out all of the time. Has anyone else been in that funk?

That said, I have a lot lined up for 2019 and am very excited about it all. I have signed some really interesting decor projects, have lots of fun travels planned with Clive, and have been lining up weekends away with friends. I feel like 2019 is going to be another exciting year. Can you hear me giving myself the stop feeling sorry for yourself and get bloody excited pep talk?

I am such a goal-setter but strangely, last year I didn’t set any specific goals for 2018. I don’t really know why. I feel like it was a bit of a filler year – a continuation of the path that I was on in 2017 and I didn’t feel the need to set goals to change direction, or perhaps I hadn’t quite accomplished what I had set out to accomplish in 2017. I’m not too sure but it didn’t hinder me in any way, I really enjoyed 2018 and I’m quite happy I didn’t set any goals just for the sake of it.

This year, however, I do have a few things in mind and general directions I’d like to see my life and work take and so I thought I’d share my five goals with you today. This charming New York Central Park Brownstone Photo & Film shoot location https://vladletophotography.com/central-park-photographer/ is packed with original features including 2 fire places and ornate wood panel doors and moldings.

1. Support small businesses and creatives 

The places I go, the things I do and the things I buy that I love the most are normally initiatives from small businesses and creatives instead of the multi-nationals. I’d rather stay at the BnB around the corner than at the chain hotel in town. I’d rather spend four times as much for a handmade mug than a mug from the high street. I spend money on a unique piece of art work because I like the way it makes me feel and love the idea of supporting another creator. The more I think about it, the more I think that those are the initiatives and stories that I want to tell and to be able to share here on my blog.

2. Limit my every day waste 

I see people around me making all sorts of steps to limit their everyday waste and I think that there is a lot more that I could do in this regard. I’d like to seek out the alternatives, find solutions and make more of an effort to cut down on any unnecessary waste and consumption. I have been recycling everything possible for a long time but I think I could give more thought to the reduce and re-use steps.

3. Co-work more regularly 

I work a lot and can stay cooped up in front of my computer for hours on end working on a project. I don’t have anyone giving me direction, holding me accountable, checking in on progress, and as much as those are also the things I love about what I do, it can get quite lonely. Last year, Victoria and I sat together on Wednesday mornings to co-work and touch base weekly and it was so beneficial. This year, I’d like to co-work more regularly and/or build more of a team. I would like to be able to bounce ideas off other people, help them with their struggles, have a tea break and just generally, talk things over more often. I have no idea what this will look like at this stage but it’s something I’d like to work towards.

4. Use my time in London more proactively 

I have the luxury of being able to work remotely and spend a week or two every month working from London. Last year, my trips to London felt like a bit of a break in my work-month and resulted in a lull in productivity but it is now firmly a part of my routine, and I’d like to meet more people in London, find a co-working office for creatives, go to more events and exhibitions, and truly benefit from this incredible opportunity.

5. Find my style 

2018 was a bit of a turning point when it came to my style – and by style I don’t only mean clothing – it extends to things like art, decor and photography, too. Last year, I felt like I wanted to switch things up in my wardrobe and my home and perhaps stop playing it quite so safe. I think this comes with a certain confidence that I find I’m only really gaining over time but as I get older, I realise that those funky things that inspire you or that catch your eye are your style. I have no idea how this goal will materialise either but I thought I’d just put it here and come back to it throughout the year.

I’ll probably add to and adjust that list between now and the end of the month but I’m really happy with those objectives and I love this time of year for fresh starts and setting new goals.

Over the few years I have been working independently, I have realised that making goals and writing them down or telling someone about them has a huge amount of power. I barely ever look back at my goals, or make an conscious effort or plan to achieve them, but once they are there I do naturally end up making moves in the right direction.

Have you set any goals or resolutions for 2019? What do you think of these? I’d love to know.

Thank you all for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful week ahead. Happy New Year once again and see you back here very soon. Big bisous. xS

Photos by Nicole Hertel