As a pre-teen, I used to dream of having a subscription to what was, in retrospect, a pretty awful magazine called Girl Talk. It used to come with the “best” freebies like friendship bracelets, posters of bunnies and sticker books. To be quite honest, if there was no freebie, I probably wasn’t interested.

It has been long time since I’ve had a proper magazine obsession, but over the last year or so, I’ve started picking up all sorts of magazines and carving out time to just sit and read them on a day off. Happily, I’ve matured a little since the Girl Talk days and come to appreciate them from a slightly different perspective.

I love that magazines are so easy to just dip in and out of and I’ve found five that I keep going back to for inspiration.

Let’s kick off with my top two decor magazines:

MilK Decoration

MilK is one of the most aesthetic design and decor magazines that I’ve come across. It’s a quarterly magazine available in both English and in French which I try to always pick up in a kiosque nearby. I normally get the French edition but might give the English one a go next time, as I do find it more relaxing to read in English. They have a really clear branding and all of their visuals and features are so evidently “MilK” in their style. I have a lot of appreciation for brands that manage to portray a specific style quite as strongly as they do.

They also have a gorgeous Instagram profile, which is definitely worth checking out! I find myself saving almost every single one of their photos.

Espaces Contemporains 

This is the one of the two magazines that I have a regular subscription to. I predominantly read Espaces Contemporains to stay informed as they have a huge selection of furniture picks and a really good overview of current trends in the world of interiors. Previously, I wasn’t crazy about the magazine’s visuals, but they have just had a big redesign, and I have to say, it’s a lot more enjoyable to flick through now.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a lot of the team at various press events and they just have so much knowledge. Catherine Gailloud’s editorials are probably some of my favourite. A lot of her work can be found on her website but there’s something special about seeing her gorgeous interior photos in print.

If it’s not a decor and design magazine, it’s probably a food magazine I’m reading:

Delicious Magazine 

Clive bought me a subscription to Delicious Magazine for my birthday a couple of years ago, which he has very kindly just kept on renewing. This is probably my favourite magazine of them all. I get really excited every time it comes through the postbox and I pretty much write off the next hour of work so I can have an initial flick through before properly devouring it cover to cover when I have more time.

They have great recipes which are all tried and tested. Clive and I have some favourites from the last year which we’ve made over and over again – always a good sign! And there are nice little sections showing you how to use up odd ingredients you might have in the cupboard. Plus, the magazine is delivered in a food waste bag that you can use for your compost!


This is a really fun French-Canadian food magazine. I love their quirky pastel pop-art images that contrast with their often quite moody food photography. There’s lots about food and the amazing foodies they meet along their journeys.


This Australian lifestyle magazine is another favourite but I’ve found it a little harder to come by. I have occasionally picked it up at London airports but do struggle to find it. It’s funny and sarcastic and the soft, matte pages are really beautiful. The content varies a from fashion, photography tips and interiors to crafts and DIY projects, and all sorts in between. I’m not sure if I’d get a subscription, but it’s a good one to pick up for a holiday.

As much as I enjoy a good book, there’s something nice about a magazine and how it doesn’t require quite as much attention.

I’ve found myself drawing a lot of inspiration from all of these magazines for lots of my projects: the food magazines for Loxton and Le Pointu recipe ideas, the decor magazines for the various interior projects and working on, and Frankie for my blog content.

I would love to know if you have any magazines to recommend! Have you got any subscriptions or any favourites?

Thanks for stopping by for a read. See you back here soon. xS

Photos by Nicole Hertel