Over the last few months I’ve been ridiculously busy and short on sleep. Although I generally have a pretty healthy diet, being short on time meant that I started skipping meals and grabbing meals on the go. I started feeling my energy levels dropping and wanted to get things back on track.

I did my first ever juice detox day with, a Swiss company who offer different healthy food programs for the Lausanne & Geneva region. The juices were delivered to my work address in the sweetest cool-bag and I did the juice day a few Saturdays ago.

I chose to do it on a day off where I had a few things to do at home as I knew I would be tempted if I went out.

I had 5 juices to drink throughout the day:

Wake-up: Ginger, lemon juice & water – the perfect morning boost with a bit of a kick.
8h: Spinach, banana & cucumber – a strong vegetable taste but I made sure it was really cold and this one went down quite well. Quite a change from my standard banana & almond milk smoothie but not too bad – I think I could get into this whole green juice thing.
10h: Beetroot, apple, carrot, parsley & lemon juice – probably my least favourite of the 5 as it had a very earthy taste. I have to admit, I struggled to finish this one.
12h: A small meal to make yourself following one of the recipes in the information booklet provided. I wanted to do a full raw detox day so had 2 carrots, half a cucumber and a handful of almonds (OK, more than a handful of almonds!).
16h: Carrot, apple, lettuce & kiwi – a refreshing fruity juice.
19h: Pear, lettuce, celery, cucumber, parsley & lemon juice – the last juice of the day was one of my favourites of all. It sort of felt like a summer salad whizzed up into a juice.

I’m not going to say I didn’t have any temptations throughout the day but I wasn’t starving and I did really feel the juices at work AND my skin was glowing the next day. I felt l like I’d just set my body back to zero – ready and refreshed to start a new week.




A few tips and tricks for a first time juicer:

  • I would recommend juicing on a day off when you don’t have much planned as your energy levels will be lower. That said, make sure you’re not going to get bored as temptation might get the better of you.
  • It’s probably best not to do too much exercise either – I went for a little walk as suggested by the fit’n’tasty team.
  • For those who aren’t used to drinking green juices (like me), keep your juices very cold and they will be easier to drink.
  • Although most detox juice programs are several days long, I would suggest starting with one day to see how your body reacts. I think one full day a few times a year is right for me.



Overall, I think the juices were very well balanced and think that the Fit’n’Tasty team do a great job at providing all the information you could possibly need. Check out their website: and let me know if you have any tips and tricks!

Have a great day. xS