I’m currently lying in the sun on an open green in London opposite a cherry blossom in full bloom and it’s not even the end of February. We’ve gone from heaps of snow in Lausanne to gorgeous sunshine here in London (and in Lausanne) within a matter of weeks. Not to be a downer, but it’s a bit worrying, isn’t it? As much as there are few things I love more than sitting out in the sun, closing your eyes, looking up at the sun and feeling the warmth on your face, I can’t help but feel like we shouldn’t quite be at this stage in February. Is anyone else feeling that torn feeling of selfishly loving the warm days but worried about what this could really imply?

Aside from skiing and soaking up the sun, this month I’ve been working on two big décor projects including a dental cabinet in Geneva! Yes, a dental cabinet who have given me what feels like total freedom to have as much fun as I like within their colour scheme, which is a pastel wonderland with a pop-art feel. True to my nature, I have got fully immersed in the project and pastel colours seem to have taken over my life. I have been walking around London spotting all of the colourful doors, bringing themed snacks to our meetings, picking up colourful artwork for the space and having endless amounts of fun clicking through and ordering pink and lilac tile samples. This is a dream project and I couldn’t be more excited.

Before I get carried away and completely bore you with more about tile samples, let’s jump in with a few favourites from the month of February:

  • Last weekend, Clive and I drove about an hour and a half east from London to Margate, a seaside town in Kent. We went to the Turner Contemporary art gallery and loved it. Entrance is free so you can come and go as you like and it has these huge windows overlooking the sea. Katie Paterson’s current exhibition is both thought provoking and beautiful. In the entrance there is a huge circle of 60 hanging flattened instruments that make up a brass band. They face out onto the North Sea and it is quite something.
  • At the gallery, I also spotted this book about ceramics, which is absolutely stunning. It is the ultimate coffee table book with a collection of beautiful quotes and stories about ceramists and what the art form means to them. I’m really enjoying flicking through from time to time and immersing myself in another creative’s world.
  • I’ve already proclaimed my love for Delicious Magazine on here time and time again, but Clive and I have started picking and making a recipe a month from the latest magazine and it’s such a nice thing to do. Earlier this month we made this delicious barley, bacon and celeriac soup – a proper winter warmer. It was so good.
  • Last week we finally watched Bohemian Rhapsody and feel like I just want to keep watching it on repeat. It made me want to dress like and be the more extravagant version of myself that I sometimes hide away.

I also have two gorgeous little finds in London from this month:

  • Artisans & Adventurers have two shops – one on Colombia Road and one in Margate (photographed above). The owners travel around the world and collaborate with local artisans to make all of their products. I bought a tiny little £3 wooden spoon to sit in the salt pot. I love it.
  • Greenwich Printmakers is a little shop in Greenwich Market selling unique artwork made by London-based artists. It’s a cooperative made up of over 30 artists and they all take it in turns to sit in the shop for the day. Every time I’ve popped in I’ve met someone new and had a little chat. In true British fashion, they are all very modest about their own work with a good dose of self-deprecating humour but speak highly of all the other artists that make up the cooperative. They have some beautiful pieces that I’m dying to go back for. If you’re in London and looking for unique and affordable artwork, this one’s for you.

As with any month, there have been a few struggles throughout February – nothing major, just a few little hiccups or things to work through.

I find that I’ve been struggling to take distance from my work recently, especially as I don’t have a separate work phone. I communicate with some of my clients over WhatsApp and it means that I get messages both late at night and on weekends which I feel I need to reply to. It’s a tricky one as my clients only really have time to think about their home décor when they are not working but I obviously need that distance during those down times. I’ve got to work out an affordable and practical solution for this.

Martina and I have been working together for two months now and are finding our groove. We both feel like working physically apart has its limitations and are looking forward to trying out a co-working space next month. I’m a little apprehensive as that does imply another monthly fixed cost to cover but I have no doubt it’ll be well worth it.

And lastly, that struggle that we all experience – having too many ideas and too few hours in a day to get it all done. Nicole and I have been talking about a really fun project that I want to make sure I carve out time to work on, and I really want to get back on YouTube, but there are just too few hours in a day right now. I’ll get there eventually.

A big and totally materialistic high this month – I placed my first ever Net A Porter order and bought two gooooorgeous summer dresses. As, for the most part, I work by myself, I find that I reach these big milestones in my career and forget to celebrate or mark them. I mean, there is only so much “celebrating” you can do when you’re totally by yourself. I’ve been making a point of celebrating those big moments with a little treat to myself – a designer dress, a little piece of jewelry, a missing piece of furniture for my apartment. I love that I attach a positive memory to those purchases. It makes me love them so much more.

I don’t often talk about my relationship on here but this month I have just been beaming with happiness and generally so full of love. Clive and I have slightly changed our work and travel routines so we’re spending more time together in both Lausanne and London. It feels like such a luxury and I’m grateful that both of us are able to be so flexible.

For what is normally quite a depressing and dark month, February, you have been so kind this year. I’m excited the crocuses and daffodils are already out and very eager to start making plans for this summer.

I hope you have all had a wonderful month, too. See you back here soon.

Big bisous. xS

Mix of photos taken myself and by Nicole Hertel