Eeek this is VERY exciting news to finally be sharing here on the blog! I’m still pinching myself looking back at these photos and I can’t quite believe how things have come together over the last few months. At the beginning of the year, I set a few goals and one of them was to co-work more regularly. I had no concrete plans, but I knew that I was struggling working alone, and I wanted to find a solution.

One evening, after a day cooped up working from home, I put up a message on Instagram Stories asking if anyone knew of a little office space that was available in Lausanne and surprisingly, quite a few people reached out.

There’s such a lovely story behind how I came about this specific shared space. It is a lovely example of the power of a community like Instagram, and how reaching out can lead to the most amazing encounters and opportunities.

I’ll get to the story in a second but first, here is our new, dusty and undecorated, but absolutely perfect workspace!

Right, back to the story…

After posting on Instagram, I visited a few office spaces (some very mouldy and dark, and some way over my budget) and then, I finally met Antoine. He had messaged saying something ambiguous (which now feels so true to his character) like, “I have an idea – you should come and check it out”. I sound like the most naïve person ever to have just jumped at an opportunity proposed by a stranger who wrote me a message on a social media platform, but the lovely Sophie, who helps organise the Creative Mornings here in Lausanne, also pointed me in his direction, and we had so many mutual friends, that I was pretty sure I was in good hands.

I would love to try to describe what Antoine does but I’m not sure I would do it justice. If I had to give it a shot, I think I’d say that he’s an entrepreneur, a photographer, a software engineer (he studied robotics), is passionate about motorbikes and travels around Europe in the most incredible vehicle. Mostly, he is just generally very smiley and full of great stories. And, as it turns out, he also happened to be looking to share this office space.

It really was as simple as that. Martina and I visited the space, we exchanged ideas about how we could decorate, and all of a sudden, we had the keys and could knuckle down and get to work, and most importantly, do some good old excitable dancing around the space to celebrate while no one else was watching.

We have great plans for the space and do plan on redecorating entirely but I wanted to show you some before photos and give you the full tour.

Here it is… a large, open plan workspace with 6 desks, a printing corner, a little conference room and a small toilet. Unfortunately, there’s no kitchen but there’s lots of natural light that comes through the large windows which is amazing.

We’ve got a beautiful view of the Cathedral and a little collection of random furniture to keep but other than that, we have total freedom to decorate the space and it’s going to be such a fun project!

We’re thinking lots of plants, big shared tables, a little bar area and a chill-out zone.

As is, my favourite part is probably the conference room where there is a huge table on which I can spread out and look at moodboards, tile samples and different materials and fully immerse myself in a project.

I am currently knee-deep in the decor and design of a shop that is scheduled to open in under two months (which explains the ridiculous eye bags in the photo below), but as soon as we’ve placed all the major orders for that project, I’ll be getting stuck into making this space into something wonderful.

Although we’re not quite ready, we may be opening the space up to other creative entrepreneurs who are looking for small spaces to rent a desk. Working in a space with other creatives has made me realise just how much I missed that sort of work environment and how nice it is to be able to turn around to ask for someone’s opinion, or pop out for an ice cream or, best of all, have a picnic lunch in the park.

If you’re in Lausanne and are interested, don’t hesitate to send me an email or a DM on Instagram and I’ll let you know when the place is nearing on a finished workspace.

And so that’s it – a peek at the full office space with worn through floors, grubby walls and lots of furniture that needs to be swapped out, but I love it and I love being surrounded by other creative minds! I cannot wait to see this space transformed.

Thanks for stopping by for a read and thank you ever so much for your endless support and encouragement. I wouldn’t be where I am today without either of those things and I am forever grateful for all of your for following my journey. Big bisous and see you back here soon for more office renovation updates. xS

Photos by Nicole Hertel