Sofia Clara - easy party banner

At the end of July, my closest friends and I said goodbye to one of our best friends who was leaving the country. We’ve know each other since we were little and always used to hang out watching girly movies in our PJs. We may be in our mid-twenties but who says anything has to change?

We decided to surprise her with a pink party in her hotel room and needed some decorations…and what’s a goodbye party without a goodbye banner?

When I was looking, I couldn’t find any quick party banner tutorials on Pinterest so I thought I’d share how I made this one.

It’s really easy and you could use the same idea for pretty much any occasion.

1. Cut out letters out of wrapping paper or any pretty paper – I had some pretty floral wrapping paper lying around so used that. If you can never get your letters to look good (like me), print all the letters you need out on plain paper and use that as a guide by tracing if your paper is thin enough.

Use whatever font you like and set the page set-up to A6 then find the biggest font size that fits on the page.

Sofia Clara - easy party banner2

2. Use A6 coloured cardboard or white cardboard covered in tissue paper. If you don’t have any A6 lying around, cut A4 card into 4 A6 cards.

If you’re using tissue paper, glue the tissue paper on the front and around the edges on the back and fold over.

Sofia Clara - easy party banner4

3. Cut a triangle out of the bottom of the cards to make them look like flags.

Sofia Clara - easy party banner5

4. Punch holes in the top right and left corners to put the string through.

Sofia Clara - easy party banner6

5. Thread the string through and voila, you’ve got yourself a super simple party banner!

Sofia Clara - easy party banner7

Now all you need for an awesome surprise party is…

A lovely bunch of friends…

Sofia Clara - easy party banner10

Pink balloons with old photos attached to them…

Sofia Clara - pink party2

A Polaroid style camera to make some more memories…

Sofia Clara - pink polaroid

Some pink basil lemonade

Sofia Clara - pink party

And you’re all set for the perfect girl’s night in and a lovely send off.


We miss you already, P!

Thanks for stopping by :), I hope you liked the post and the gif above because it certainly makes me smile every time I look at it! xS