Hello friends! Last week I shared this DIY TV stand that I made from concrete blocks and a few planks of wood and it got so many views and an astonishing number of comments. Thanks for all the love.

Today I thought I’d share a quick hack for these IKEA Stromby frames that sit just above the TV stand. These are so simple to make, ridiculously cheap and a great way to get stuff up on the walls.

Gold spray printsAs you may know, it’s one of my goals for this year (more on my goals here) to get artwork up on the walls at my place.

No joke, I have empty frames up on pretty much all the walls waiting to be filled. It felt like a good idea to put them up at the time but really it was just a bit depressing coming home to walls of cardboard filled frames (see below).

It felt like it was about time to do something about it and I’m so happy with the result!

before&after TV standAll you need is:

For the frames:

For the gold spray “art”:

  • 1 piece of white card 50 x 40 cm
  • 2 pieces of 50 x 40 cm artisan paper (that’s slightly textured paper) or coloured card
  • About 10 pieces of white A4 card
  • A metal ruler
  • A cutter knife or utility knife
  • A quote printed out onto the A4 card (I printed “lucky like a four leaf clover” onto 3 A4 landscape sheets in font size 250, font: Helvetica Neue Bold)
  • 2 geometric fruit shapes printed out onto the A4 card  (I used half of this lemon slice and this pineapple) – it doesn’t matter if the resolution isn’t perfect, I just screen shot or copy pasted and made sure they filled an A4 page

Start off spray painting the frames.

The glass doesn’t come out of the Stromby frames so you have to cover the glass well. If you can push the paper under the metal frame just slightly, do so. Use masking tape to secure the paper.

Stromby frame hackFollow the instructions on the can of gold spray and spray the frame evenly.

IKEA stromby frame hackLeave to dry for about 10 minutes before checking if it’s all covered evenly. Give it another spray if needs be. Leave to dry and pull off the paper.

Using the cutter knife, carefully cut out the shapes and letters using a ruler to guide you for the straights and freehand for the curves.

DIY wall artPlace your cut outs over another piece of card, protect the edges with scrap newspaper and masking tape and spray with the gold paint.

I think it’s a good idea to stick the cut out to your clean piece of card so it doesn’t move and end up wonky.

Geometric pineapple artLeave to dry for about 10 minutes before removing the top layer.

Place the sprayed art into the frames or onto coloured card and then into the frames and you’re done!

The result isn’t 100% perfect (you can see some smudges on the C below) but this is so much cheaper than printing prints this size and I love that it’s handmade and GOLD!

Gold spray prints with quotesHere they are up on the wall above the DIY TV unit.

Do it yourself TV standI love this project and above all loved that it was so easy to make. You can obviously adapt this to your colour scheme and change it up when you get bored or fancy a change.

Thanks for stopping by! I’ll be back on Sunday with the results from my 2016 reader survey. xS

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