This DIY is a prime example of just how crazy DIY projects can get in Switzerland. I love it here but I think it’s fair to say that we have very limited choice of pretty much everything because it’s such a small country.

At first I thought this project was going to be one of the simplest EVER (and it really should be for you) but oh how I was mistaken.

That said, I am in love with the finished result and the raw materials cost less than 80 CHF (about $80) so I still thought I’d share it with you guys.

DIY TV tableThe living room in my apartment has this little corner that’s perfect to fit the TV in, but I knew that finding the perfect sized TV stand would be pretty much impossible. So, I imagined up an idea and with a helping hand from my man, we got stuck in.

Do it yourself TV standObviously you can adapt the size of this piece to whatever corner you want to fit it into but here are the things and the dimensions that we used:

All you need is:

  • 1 plank of pine wood 121 x 40cm, 3cm thick
  • 1 plank of pine wood 81 x 40cm, 3 cm thick
  • 1 plank of pine wood 160 x 40 cm, 3 cm thick
  • A wood stain (for the Swissies, I used a brand called Libéron, Tinte pour bois sans odeur in the colour bois vieilli)
  • 2 metal mending plates to attach the 81 x 40cm and 160 x 40cm planks of wood together
  • Screws
  • A screwdriver
  • 6 concrete foundation blocks W12 x L40 x H20
    If you can’t get concrete blocks the right size, we bought these aerated concrete blocks which you can easily cut through. These are cut to W12 x L40 x H20. If you use those you’ll only need 4 but you’ll also need a saw and concrete mix.
  • Metallic spray paint (similar here for those of you in Switzerland)

The first thing to do is to cut the wood to size if it isn’t already. Then, sand the edges so they aren’t rough to touch and stain the wood using an old rag.

WoodLeave the wood to dry. Once dry, use a metal mending plate to attach the 81 x 40cm and 160 x 40cm planks of wood together into an L shape.

Normally that’s where the hard work should stop but if, like us, you can’t find concrete blocks that are the right size, most home improvement shops sell these foundation blocks made out of an aerated concrete material that you can cut to size.

This makes for a few more steps in the DIY process.

Cut your blocks to size. We bought 4 of these blocks and ended up using the cut offs too. We cut 20 cm off each block.

DIY using building blocksYou should be left with blocks that look like this.

foundation blockBecause these blocks are so easy to cut with a saw, that also means they crumble easily so we chose to cover these with cement mix following the instructions on the packet of cement.

Yes, we actually used an old kitchen spatula because we couldn’t find a hand trowel at my mum’s place and it was Sunday and the shops we closed. Oh how you don’t love living in Switzerland in these situations!

Can you tell we were determined to finish?

I almost can’t believe we did this.

Concrete foundation blockOnce covered in cement, this is the finished result.

We then used an outdoor metal spray paint and sprayed them in with short bursts of spray paint, particularly on the edges, to get an aged look like the small concrete block in the back.

Concrete blocksMake sure everything is dry and then you’re pretty much done and can put it all together.

Here’s how it comes together:

TV table DIYAlso featured: IKEA baskets, Interio vase, vintage Lyssex scales

DIY TV table using concrete blocksThis is now one of my favourite corners of the house simply because of the story behind this TV stand! Writing this post made me laugh so much.

I’m not sure I would recommend using aerated concrete blocks, cutting them and covering them in concrete but there are plenty of foundation blocks that would do the trick (these, for example).

I hope you liked how this turned out and if you have any totally insane DIY stories, please share!! :)

Oh and I’ll be sharing how to make the cute gold frames in a DIY post coming soon! A bientôt. xS