Sofia Clara - DIY Succulent Planter7I’m really excited to start sharing a few more DIY posts from around the house. We’ve lived in our apartment for over a year now and it’s taken us a veeery long time to get things sorted and really feel at home. When we moved in we hardly had any furniture and over the last year we’ve bought all the essential pieces of furniture little by little. Now, we can finally start on the fun stuff – all the decoration and accessories for the house!

Sofia Clara - DIY Succulent PlanterPlants and flowers really make a house a home but are a little tricky to handle. That’s why succulents are great – they are a little easier to care for. I’m no expert on how to care for succulents but there are tons of articles out there with great advice, just like this one.

For this DIY succulent planter all you need is:

A good pick of succulents – we got ours at IKEA. They are really cheap and there’s quite a good selection.
A big pot or planter to put them in – I found this in our garage but have absolutely no idea where it came from.
A small bag of organic soil
A bag of pebbles – you can also get them at IKEA or pick some up from the beach or a park

Buy enough succulents to fill the pot you’ve chosen and be sure to get a mix of hanging succulents and succulents with a bit more height.

Sofia Clara - DIY Succulent Planter2Remove the succulents from their pots and test out different arrangements in the planter.

Sofia Clara - DIY Succulent Planter4

When you have an idea of how you want to arrange them, half fill your pot with soil and place them where you would like them.

Sofia Clara - DIY Succulent Planter5Pack the soil around the plants. Make sure you cover the soil that the succulents came in completely and fill in between the gaps.

Sofia Clara - DIY Succulent Planter6Pack the soil down, place the pebbles around the plants and give them a little water.

Sofia Clara - DIY Succulent Planter8Our planter is on our coffee table in the living room but you could pretty much anywhere with enough light.

Sofia Clara - DIY Succulent Planter10It’s the perfect little addition to our living room!

Sofia Clara - DIY Succulent Planter1Thanks for stopping by. I hope you had a lovely weekend. xS