So many people ask me why I bother making things myself; why I’d rather spend hours making something than just buying something similar (and probably cheaper) in the shops. Today’s DIY shoes are inspired by a pair of high street shoes that cost only £20 but they weren’t my style and to be honest, I just would walk around with quotes on my feet that say “unstoppable & ambitious”, even if no one will ever look to see what the quote on the laces actually says. Yes, I’m ridiculously pedantic.

I like making things myself because they turn out exactly the way I want them to be and I am willing to spend more money to make something that’s perfect to me. I love using my hands, doing something creative completely offline and away from the screen, trying new crafts and above anything, I like the idea of encouraging people to make something unique, something that no one else has, something that’s only yours. kindly let me pick a pair of shoes to play around with and I love how these turned out. I’ve been wearing them non-stop these days.

What you need:

How to get a mirror image of the font in Microsoft Word:

  • Font used: Avenir Next Condensed, Size: 36
  • Insert text in text box
  • Right click on text box
  • Go to Format Shape
  • Under 3D Rotation flip by 180 degrees on the x-axis

Follow the how-to video for the full process.

I’ve paired them with a paid of checkered Zara trousers and a simple white t-shirt and this has quite become my go-to spring outfit.

I’d love to know what you think. What cheesy quote would you iron onto the ribbon? Oh, and make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for weekly Sunday videos if you haven’t already! I’d love to have you :).

Photos by Hannah Shan Photography

This is not a sponsored post but the shoes were kindly gifted to me by