This is one of those projects that didn’t quite go to plan. Not the first time I tried making it, at least. That happens quite a lot with DIY projects and I used to get really annoyed and think of it as such a waste of materials and time. Slowly, I’m starting to realise that that frustration and trial and error is just part of the creative process and that’s what it takes to get a finished result that you love.

I’ve just got to get used to factoring in enough time to fail and muster up the courage to start again.

Anyway, back to the project. I really wanted a big dry erase wall calendar up on the wall of my office to help me get organised and I made this one just the other day and I’m in love with the result! I thought I’d share in case any of your wanted to make your own.

IKEA hack calendarAll you need is:

  • 1 large glass frame – this one is a 70 x 100 frame from IKEA similar to this one (I can’t seem to find the 70 x 100cm Stromby frame)
  • 1 piece of thick white card to fill the frame – 2-3mm thick is ideal to make sure it doesn’t crease when you paint it
  • Painter’s tape – don’t use masking tape as it will pull up the paper. Painter’s tape is a lot easier to remove
  • Coloured acrylic paints – I used red and white to get this pink

Tools: A small paint roller, a utility knife, a long ruler, a pencil

Start by marking out the 35 squares where you want them. The easiest way to do this is to use a ruler and a pencil to mark little dots on all four corners of the 35 squares. Avoid drawing full lines are you will probably see them. These dots will help you guide the painter’s tape. Then, use the painter’s tape to tape out your grid. You want the tape to go on the inside edge of all the squares.

These squares are 8cm from the edges, 14cm from the top of the board allowing space for the letters and 3 cm from the bottom. They are 9cm x 9cm and there is a 2cm gap between each week and a 3.5cm gap between each day. This spacing works well for a 70 x 100 cm board but you can change it up depending on the size you want.

You should end up with something like this (minus that one tester square on the bottom right):

lots of tapeThen, you want to use a utility knife and a ruler to very lightly cut through the tape that you don’t want and use those scraps to fill out the squares. Painter’s tape is normally very thin so you don’t need to apply much pressure and it shouldn’t cut into the board.

You should be left with 35 squares.

DIY calendarMove on to make the Monday – Sunday letters. This is slightly painstaking but worth it.

You could probably use stickers (if you live anywhere other than Switzerland) but I couldn’t find any the right size and that wouldn’t pull up the paper so I printed M, T, W, F and S letters in Arial, font size 300 onto card and cut them out. I made blocks of painter’s tape above the 35 squares and drew around the letters using a pencil.

I then cut them out using a utility knife and a ruler for the straights and freehand for both S’s.

DIY blogPeel off the tape around the letters to leave the letters filled with painter’s tape.

DIY monthly calendarMake sure all the edges are stuck down well and mix up your paint to get the colour you want.

I didn’t mix the red and white together perfectly and it gave me this almost watercolour looking effect that isn’t totally uniform. It wasn’t really intentional but I love how it turned out.

Use a roller with a very small amount of paint and roll on a very thin layer over the whole board.

Pink calendarThen, peel off the squares and the letters to reveal the white board.

Masking tape sqauresClean the glass of your frame well before putting the calendar in and hang on the wall.

I use the calendar for the posting schedule for my blog. As you can tell, this was February’s posting schedule.

Monthly wall calendarI’m really excited about this project.

Yes, it took me absolutely FOREVER to make. Yes, I could have just bought a bit of card and stuck squares and letters on it but it wouldn’t have looked quite this good! Right?

Monthly calendar Sofia ClaraI’m so excited to put this to good use. I think having the whole month up in the office will really push me to think ahead and structure my content.

What do you do to stay organised? I think you could do with one of these… :)

Have a great day! xS