Ooh it is that magical time of the year again! I honestly cannot contain my excitement. I start signing Christmas collaborations and Christmas shop windows in July and then have to coop up all those ideas and excitement for months so I don’t piss everyone around me off, but it is finally December and I’m officially allowed to shower you with Christmas spirit and Christmas craft ideas.

Clive and I have already put up our tree in London and made some gorgeous dried orange slices as ornaments. We have a little two-year running tradition (yes, I think that makes it qualify as a tradition) of buying our tree in Greenwich Park. We decorated it one evening in late November, made our own ornaments and I made a venison casserole with dumplings. It felt like quite extreme adulting.

And now I’m going to talk to you about making your own cloth napkins for Christmas. Who am I? I bought an extremely overpriced toaster this year and now, I have personalised cloth napkins in the house. If that isn’t adulting, I don’t know what it.

We always used cloth napkins growing up. At my Granny and Grandpa’s house, we each had our own napkin ring and kept our napkin for a few meals until it needed a wash. I love that idea and am determined to bring it into my household.

When Coop asked me if I would share a DIY Christmas idea on their crafting platform earlier this month, I knew I wanted to decorate some napkins for Christmas and I absolutely love how these turned out that I thought it would be fun to share the idea on here, too. I love how subtly festive these are.

What you’ll need (I bought all of these things at Coop City):

  • 6 white cotton cloth napkins
  • Red, green and gold textile paint
  • A paintbrush
  • 4-5 cotton buds
  • A piece of scrap card
  • A tree-shaped leaf from the garden or from around the house (I used fern)

Start by setting up your workstation and ironing the cloth napkins. If you can, I’d recommend washing them first, too.

Find a leaf that is fairly flat and looks a bit like a Christmas tree. I found that a fern leaf worked well.

Use a paintbrush to apply the green textile paint on the back of the leaf. Using the back of the leaf will mean that the spine of the leaf will come out on the cloth making it look like the trunk of a tree.

Position the leaf carefully on the napkin and using a piece of card, press down on top of the leaf. Press down firmly all over.

Lift the card and peel the leaf off the cloth carefully. Repeat with the same leaf until you are happy with the pattern covering the napkin. I think it looks best with slightly angled Christmas trees and some coming off the napkin.

Make sure that your fingers are clean and you use a clean bit of card so you don’t get any leftover paint interfering with your leaf print.

Once the trees have dried, use a cotton bud to add on red and gold dots onto the trees to look like Christmas baubles and fairy lights. Make sure to paint on dots of different sizes so they look like they are closer and further away from each other. Leave to dry overnight.

I would hand-wash them and iron them print-down the first time you use them just in case any paint runs but after that they should be fine to be popped in the wash with other similar colours.

Make yourself some mince pies and get yourself in the Christmas spirit.

Less than 3 weeks until Christmas!

I absolutely love how these turned out. It would make a fun craft to do with kids or with friends and I thought that it would actually make a really nice pattern for re-usable Christmas wrapping paper. You could hem some simple cotton fabric with a zig-zag stitch and make a few squares of these to complete your gift. Wouldn’t that look amazing? Or make a tea towel for a friend? There so many different ways you could do this with all sorts of different shapes.

Make sure to check out the Coop website for more ideas from other bloggers in the region if you’re looking for other crafts to make this season – there’s a really sweet little selection.

Thanks for stopping by. I’d love to know what you guys are making this Christmas! Have a wonderful day. Big bisous. xS

Photos by Hannah Shan

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