I’ve always wanted a blanket ladder at home. You know, a place to hang clothes that you want to leave to air – those that aren’t dirty but you don’t want to put back in your cupboard?

THIS is the ultimate blanket ladder. Why? Because it didn’t cost a penny and it is 100% upcycled. This ladder was actually made from an old garden fence and I’m going to show you how you can make one, too!

…if you can be bothered that is.
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All you need is a few scraps of wood from an old fence or anything really. The great thing about this wood is that it’s rounded on one side so clothes don’t catch. Make sure the wood is completely dry.

old fenceGet an idea of how long you want the ladder to be and how many steps you want. This one has six steps and they are about 30cm apart. The total length of the ladder is 2.2m and each of the longer poles is slightly tilted so each step is a different length.

how to make a blanket ladder

Use a hammer to knock six posts off the fence and two longer bits.

Sand down all the wood you’ll be using for the ladder. Even though you’re going to cut them down, I would really recommend sanding the whole post so you can find the nicest bits you want to use. Old wood can have big cracks in and you’ll want to cut those bits off.

Sanding down an old fenceCut the posts to the size you want and lay the ladder out. Use a pencil to mark where you want each step to go.

DIY ladderUse a ruler to help find the middle of the ladder, draw a line and fix from behind with a long enough screw. It is important to make sure the screws go all the way through to the second bit of wood shown below.

DIYingOnce the ladder is ready, sand down the edges of the steps and any other rough bits. This part is really important so that threads from your clothes don’t catch. Then paint the ladder with a transparent, matt varnish. This bizarre and mega creative set up below means you can paint both sides without waiting for the other to dry but leaning it against a wall would work perfectly fine, too.

DIYEt voilà – a old fence destined for the dump, upcycled into an awesome clothes ladder!

old fence turned into a ladderI’m so thrilled with the end results and these La Case de Cousin Paul fairy lights add the perfect finishing touch.

DIY blanket ladderWhat do you reckon? Do you need a blanket ladder in your life?

ladder made from an old fence!I think so!

Big bisous. xS