I love a good bath. I would hate to even think how much I spend on Lush bubble bars in a year. Oh god, they are just heavenly.

When I have a really tough day, a bath just resets my body and removes any negativity. I used to run a bath and not really know what to do once I was in the water. I would get bored or too hot but then I realised what the trick was – leaving the door open so fresh air can come in and setting up some entertainment. You think I’m kidding, right? Oh no, I take my baths very seriously. So much so that I now have my own DIY bath tray.

Sofia Clara DIY bath trayIf you’re a bath person, you’ll get me. If you’re not into baths, you’re probably thinking I’m totally insane right now.

But how can this set up not even tempt you?

Sofia Clara blogDIY bath tray for those bath lovers out there

Make sure to alter the measurements to the size of your bath

  • 5 narrow strips of wood – these were 1m long x 4.5cm wide x just under 2cm thick
  • Screws just longer than the thickness of the wood


  • Ruler & pencil
  • Electric drill
  • Jigsaw
  • Fine sandpaper
  • A hole saw

Cut the strips of wood to the same width as your bath. My bath is 68cm wide.

Keep the scraps of wood.

DIY blogFirst thing to do is mark using a pencil and a ruler where you want the iPad slot to be. I wanted it in the middle so drew out a space big enough.

ipad holder for the bathUse a jigsaw to cut out the slot. A G-clamp (or C-clamp) will help hold this steady on a table.

Swiss DIY blogDIY bloggerSand down the slot so it is smooth and make sure it fits the iPad.

Set out two scraps of wood of equal length that are going to fix the boards together. These should sit just inside the bath holding the tray in place so you can’t knock it off easily. The distance from the edge should be the width of the sides of your bath. Mine are 8cm from the edge.

handmade bath trayUsing a drill, drill small holes where you want the screws to go, making sure to have one going into each board. Screw in the screws using a screwdriver.

DIYingYour boards are now securely held together.

make your own bath trayUse a hole cutter that is just slightly bigger than a tea light to drill a perfect hole where you want the candle to go.

candle holder bath trayWe were planning on having one tea light on each side of the iPad slot but the hole saw we used overheated (as you can see it’s all distorted below). It ended up making a much bigger hole which was unexpected. That’s kind of the way DIY projects go.

Instead of abandoning the project and starting over, we used a rasp to smooth out the ridges and thought it would be perfect to hold a wine glass.

If you want a similar effect you could use a small hole saw to pierce all the way through and then gradually use slightly bigger ones not going all the way through and then use a rasp to smooth it out.

wine holder bath trayIf you’re making a wine glass holder, use the jigsaw to saw a strip the width of the stem of a wine glass making sure it’s in the centre of the hole.

bath shelfUse scraps of wood to make a shelf under the slot for the iPad and the hole for the tea light, and you’ll probably need another little plank to secure the other side of the wine holder.

homemade bath trayAfter, you can use a odourless wood stain to give the pinewood some colour and follow by a protective oil for kitchen and bathroom surfaces. This will protect it against watermarks and any mould.

stained bath trayLeave it to dry following the instructions on the back of the tins and then you’re ready to put it to good use!

lifestyle blogOhhh my I cannot tell you how heavenly using this is. I kind of want to get back into the bath right now…

bath timeWhat do you think? Are you a bath-lover? Or have you got to then end of the post and now think I’m totally insane? :)

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day, guys! xS