I am excited to share an easy and thoughtful DIY idea for a last minute Christmas gift in collaboration with Bucherer who are hosting a countdown to Christmas – check it out, there’s an awesome prize to be won!

I love advent calendars but why just have a little pick me up every day before Christmas when we could do with kind words and pick-me-ups all year long?

Sofia Clara x BuchererThis is an easy memo frame that you could make for a friend or a loved one with a few envelopes and packages that are to be opened on random dates or moments of the year. There are 12 envelopes or packages containing photos of great memories to be pinned on the frame to make your special person smile (I made this for my best friend who is moving away next year).

Sofia Clara Christmas memo frame
Here’s a close up of what sort of things you could pin onto the board:

Memo frame
It’s really very easy to make and if you tend to make things yourself or have a handy man in the family, you may have most of these things already.

You could use an old frame but if you don’t have one lying around, all you need is:

  • 4 slates of wood (I used slates from an old table), the more rustic, the better
  • 4 flat corner brackets & screws to secure
  • A small wood saw to cut the slates
  • A screwdriver
  • Enough metal grill to fill the back of the frame and a metal cutter to cut to size (this grill is normally used for rabbits or birds, I think)
  • Some fairly thick brown string
  • About 15 small u-shaped nails to secure both metal grill and string
  • A hammer
  • Scissors
  • Printed photos and quotes and mini gifts
  • Envelopes and mini gift bags
  • Wooden pegs and metal clips


Cut 2 x 45cm slates and 2 x 60cm slates of wood with 45 degree angles on either ends, using a ruler and a white pencil to draw lines to guide your saw.

Use a flat corner bracket to secure the angles of the frame together and attach with screws and a screwdriver.

Add a few lines of brown string attached with knotted ends and hammer onto the back of the frame with u-shaped nails.

Attach the metal grill to the back of the frame using u-shaped nails once again. The back will look like this :

DIY frame
Print out any photos you need or feel-good quotes you know he/she will like. Some of these can go into envelopes and other pinned right on, so the frame looks nice before envelopes are opened.

DIY memo frame
If you want, you can add a few miniature gifts such a hand cream, nail varnish, etc.

Fill your envelopes, pack your mini gift bags and pin them all onto the frame using metal clips or small wooden pegs.

When you pin it all together, it looks pretty awesome! I think I might even make myself a memo frame…

Christmas memo frame
I love the idea of having both a traditional gift and a handmade gift to combine the best of both worlds.

Make sure to follow Bucherer Facebook to stay tuned for their last two advent calendar windows on their stunning website and let me know if you end up making something like this last minute!

Only a couple of days until Christmas, guys – I’m excited! xS