I don’t think I have ever taken on a DIY furniture project as big as this one. This was a huge project to take on in one weekend but I’M IN LOVE.

Here’s a peak into my brand new snazzy hand-painted wardrobe, friends!

Blue and pink wardrobeIt all started off with an IMMENSE pine wardrobe and when I say immense, I only realised quite how big it was when we started painting it: inside, outside and all the nooks and crannies. And believe me, there are endless nooks and crannies!

Pine wardrobeAnyway, this wardrobe was a family hand-me-down that was going to be thrown away, like most things at my place. So we happily dismounted it (what a mission that was!) and re-mouted it, which was even more of a mission. I know you’re probably not meant to do that with pieces like this, but there weren’t many ways of getting it up to the fifth floor otherwise.

When it was finally up in my office/walk-in/photo room/mess of a room, I thought it was a bit too much pine and too similar to the floors so I wanted to give it a pop of colour. I had heard amazing things about Annie Sloan paints and found my closest stockist and stocked up on three paints: Old white and Louis Blue for the outside and Antoinette for the inside. I also got a pot of soft wax for the finish.

Annie Sloan paintsI’m hardly a pro at decorative painting as this was my first attempt, so I won’t walk you through a whole tutorial but I would like to share a few cool things about Annie Sloan paints because I’m totally sold!

If you’re interested, you can learn everything you need to through Annie Sloan’s book (I bought that one) or her video tutorials.

First of all, I started with a coat of Old White. The awesome thing about these paints is that you don’t have to sand the furniture or do any prep. I didn’t even bother cleaning it. And the paints dry so quickly so there’s no waiting in between coats.

Chalk paint DIYingI then painted the whole outside Louis Blue (except the parts I wanted to keep white) and the inside with the Antoinette paint. I debated whether to paint the inside at all for a little while but thought that a pop of pink would make me smile every morning (and it really does)!

The Louis Blue was brighter than I expected it to be. I had this idea of a dusty blue but kind of love how it turned out.

I then taped up the white parts carefully and did another coat of white on the detailing. This was at about 11 p.m. so excuse the poor lighting.

Pink interior wardrobePINK!Once everything was painted, I removed the masking tape and waxed the whole thing with the soft wax, using a big brush. I was glad to have bought the specific wax brush because it would have been a challenge otherwise. What am I saying, it was challenge with the brush! I got painter’s elbow. That’s a thing, right? In other words, arm cramp for daaaays.

I wiped off the excess wax with a rag and used some medium sand paper to get a worn effect. This is the cool thing about these paints, you can sand down to see the layer of paint beneath and some of the wood which adds to the charm and makes it work.

I think they call it shabby chic.

Don’t tell me this doesn’t look shabby chic to you.

How to sand chalk paintAfter a good vacuum of myself, the wardrobe and the floor, I touched up with the wax once again and was done! I had paint absolutely everywhere but just sat happily looking up at the wardrobe. There just something so special about personalising a piece of furniture.

Here’s the finished result before and after:

Chalk paint wardrobe before and afterGranted, I don’t normally keep flowers in my wardrobe and I do have more than 1 dress, 4 tops and a skirt but you know, you gotta do what you gotta do.

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Sofia Clara DIY blog

Pink closet
Now, if you’ve got any old boring furniture, get painting!!! This is such a lovely way to make it your own.

Chalk paint wardrobe before and after photo

I secretly want to get painting every single thing in my house but I will refrain.

If you’re not into pinks and blues, there are so many other beautiful colours to pick from. What would you do with it?

Have a lovely week and thanks for stopping by. xS