It was at about this time last year that Clive and I spent a night at the Beau-Rivage Palace for a little moment of calm before I moved into my new apartment. It was such a special moment – Clive met my Mum for the first time and we had the loveliest stay in a gorgeous Junior Suite, which was a nice change from the moving boxes I was living with at the time.

Just over a year later, we were back at the Beau-Rivage Palace but this time I got to share something a little bit different with him.

Last Sunday, after a long weekend at Le Pointu, Clive and I checked into to the pop-up hotel at the Beau-Rivage Palace. It’s a little bubble of heaven in the hotel’s private gardens and funnily enough, the whole experience took me right back to my childhood.

When I was little, my Dad had a fair amount of woodland in Wales in which he built a huge polythene tunnel. The tunnel was like a large sheltered space under which we pitched our tents and camped out whilst we were staying there, helping with the gardening and playing around.

Walking into the pop-up hotel room was like walking in to a very, very luxurious version of the poly-tunnel with carpet, air conditioning and a gorgeous canopy bed.

You can look out onto the gardens and up at the night sky, hear the birds in the trees and have breakfast outside in the morning – that was my favourite bit; breakfast, I mean. But then again it always is.

The pop-up hotel is an outdoor hotel room that will be available to book all through the summer months. It costs 350 CHF a night with breakfast included and you get access to all of the hotel facilities. Plus, you are as close to the pool and the spa as you could possibly get which means you get to go for a morning swim before anyone else has even made it down to the pool.

There isn’t a bathroom inside the pop-up but that does mean that you still get to experience that unique camping moment where you put on your flip-flops and grab a torch to head to the bathrooms to brush your teeth together before going to bed. Even though I’m always the one getting up to go to the loo during the night, I quite like that experience. Clive and I were also almost hoping for rain so we would get to hear the noise of the rain on the plastic tunnel, although that would have made having to walk to the spa to the loo considerably less enjoyable!

We had such a lovely and relaxing evening at the pop-up. I only wish Clive had had the Monday off so we could have really enjoyed all of the facilities together. I filmed a little video with the full tour of the pod which is up on my YouTube channel if you want a closer peek. It’s well worth staying for a night for a little summer escape. You’re just minutes from the lake, have access to all of the hotel facilities and can spend the day following your stay relaxing in the gardens.

Oh, and if you’re looking for somewhere to eat while you’re there, the Accademia Restaurant just next door has just hired a new chef, Andrea Gaia, and his new menu is TO DIE FOR. Get the burrata as a starter and the Bolognese ravioli as a main – you won’t be disappointed! xS