You know that feeling when you’ve just moved something around in a room and you walk in for the first few times and it just feels right? I love that feeling and I’m so excited that I’ve finally got to that point with my bedroom.

I’ve lived in my apartment for over a year now and I’m a little embarrassed to admit that my bedroom was left unfinished for quite so long. I had all the essential furniture, and by that I mean that I had a bed and a wardrobe, but I still didn’t even have handles on my IKEA wardrobe so I was (no joke) bending down to open the doors of the wardrobe from the bottom of the door for a whooole lot longer that I’d like to admit. Ridiculous? I know.

I thought it was about time to bring it all together and I’m excited that I could team up with La Redoute to do just that. When I decorate apartments or offices for clients, there are always a few things from La Redoute on the shopping list. They have a great selection of linen bed sheets and cotton dressing gowns and towels. As a little treat for any one you shopping online, you can use the La Redoute discount code SOFIA to get 20 CHF off when you spend 50 CHF.

To kick things off, and because we all love a good before and after shot, here’s what the room looked like before:

And here’s what the room looks like now:

You can watch the full YouTube video above for all my decor tips and to see the whole process but I thought I’d link everything here with some bigger photos just in case you’re looking for a few pieces to add to your bedroom.

Jute rug, Wicker basket

I always like to spruce up simple furniture and turn it into something that feels a little more luxurious. I love IKEA for the practicality of the pieces but the wardrobe felt a little unfinished to me.

I bought some affordable gold handles on Amazon and found these square brass knobs to hang the dressing gowns on which I added first.

Then, as you may have seen in a previous vlog, I got 15 mirrors cut to size at Jumbo which were all supposed to fit into the panels but unfortunately, after playing around for hours at midnight one night last week, I found that two of them didn’t fit. Two mirrors ended up being 2mm too wide on one edge. Until I get them re-cut, this is what I’ll have to settle for.

But that’s how DIY projects go – nothing ever really goes to plan, does it?

It looks a little bit random at this stage but the mirrors already make the small room feel a little bit bigger.

Blue dress, DIY plant stand

I also added some prints to the wall and a decorative vase in the corner.

Heavy metal vase

I love the way the room feels now and most importantly, it’s so much more functional. There’s a spot for the dressing gowns so they don’t have to drape over the mirror, a side table for Clive to put his stuff on, a basket for the pillows to go in off the bed and handles to open the doors to the wardrobe. Yay to no more clambering on the floor!

DIY blanket ladder, Etsy prints 1 and 2

I hope you liked this little peek into my bedroom. I’d love to know what you think and if you’ve got any tips for decorating new spaces, do share. I’m also on the look out for any inspirational interior Instagram accounts or blogs if you’ve got any to share!

Until next time, happy shopping on La Redoute. I hope you find some gems. If you’re shopping this weekend (19-21 May 2018) you can also use the discount code WEEKEND to get 40% off everything!

See you back here soon. Big bisous. xS

Photos by Hannah Shan Photography

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