Last week, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the Les Toiles team for their new blog. I loved the interview – it was so much fun and a great mix of pretty random questions. Right up my street :). It was paired with a sort of “editorial style” shoot – some of the photos I absolutely love and some of them just make me cringe. I guess that’s the name of the game when you go along with something like this.

Jagoda is such a talented photographer though and I love this set of photos taken at the Riponne market in Lausanne because it is actually such an acurate peek at what a day in my week looks like.

Swiss bloggerWearing Sandro jacket & silk top, Zara boots & skirt, Furla bag

Going to the market on a Saturday morning before starting my kitchen shift for brunch has become one of my favourite parts of the week. I go to pick up fresh fruit to go on top of the pancakes, herbs to top the savoury dishes and anything we may be missing for the weekend before getting changed into my kitchen gear and before I become a walking piece of bacon. I love bacon but trust me, it’s not as good as it sounds. My mum may have even suggested I go over for a sauna – apparently she thinks the bacon grease has seeped into my pores and I will forever smell like this unless quick action is taken. Thanks, Mum.

One day, when we get to know each other a little bit better, I may show you a peek into that significantly less glamorous side of my life but for now let’s stick with this.

Saturday market Lausanne

Marche Lausanne
Market in LausanneSince opening Le Pointu and launching my weekend brunches, lots of people have been asking me how it actually fits in to my “life plan”. Firstly, I’m delighted you think I have a “life plan” because I’m certainly not aware of it.

I got involved with Le Pointu because I thought it would be great fun, because I’ve always wanted to open a restaurant but also because I thought it would be an interesting way to get a little more visibility for my blog. I feel like there is a certain limit to the visibility you can get by yourself – you can post blog posts, photos on Instagram, and so on, but until someone picks up on the work that you’re doing, growth will be fairly slow. But when you have something to show, something people can see and touch – it makes it all a lot more tangible, relatable and real.

Lausanne bloggerI’m still thinking about how plausible blogging full time is in the near future. I know bloggers with almost 100K followers who are still not able to make a living from their blog but the more I get to know the industry (although I’m not sure it’s really considered an industry here in Switzerland), the more I realise that although making a living solely from the blog takes a lot of time, it’s a great window for other work as an independent.

I’ve been asked to do all sorts by people who read my blog… I have helped as a wedding planner, managed corporate social media accounts, contributed to other blogs, taken photos, helped create a website, created content for large corporations, done numerous translations, and so much more. These are all skills which are making me better at what I ultimately want to do and well, most importantly, allow me to pay the rent.

So no, I’m sorry to disappoint you – I don’t have a “life plan” and I, like most twenty-somethings, have absolutely no idea what I’m doing or where I’m going with life but I have been jumping on lots of opportunities coming my way and not holding back.


Embroided denimPhotos realised for Les Toiles by Jagoda Wisniewska

As always, here are my few thoughts for the week :):

  • I’m learning to just do things I’m not quite ready to do and not overthink or over-plan. If I wait for a sign or the right moment, I’ll never do it. I wasn’t “ready” to do such a huge project and have absolutely zero training in interior design but I loved it and it’s helped give me so much more visibility.
  • If you are thinking of blogging full time with a fairly small following, reconsider the idea of living off your blog straight away but do think about what skills you have developed that could be used by others like social media management, photography and styling which other businesses would be able to use. But don’t take too much on at one time – that was my rookie mistake.
  • And most importantly, get yourself an embroidered denim jacket before it gets too cold or some embroidered booties. So much love for anything embroidered.

Thanks for reading and I’d love to know your thoughts or any tips you have if you’re working in a similar field!

See you back here soon. Big bisous xS