It has been so good to escape to Spain for a few days and disconnect from the world.

This summer is going to be pretty crazy as I’m taking on a few new projects so I wanted to take a little time out to put everything on pause just for a while.

I’m staying in the house where I grew up, not far from Marbella in southern Spain. There’s no wifi connection here so it really forces me to stop working and put my bloody phone down. It’s so easy to get wound up in everything, even when you’re on holiday.

A couple of days ago, I visited Frigiliana for the first time and it was absolutely stunning. I couldn’t not share this spot with you. Frigiliana is one of Andalucía’s “pueblos blancos” (white villages) not far from Compéta, the village where I was born. It’s a small town and isn’t flooded with tourists like most of the other towns around here.

Except for me. Because I do make a pretty good tourist with this little hat on.

Travel SpainI love plodding around the narrow streets and listening to the elderly village people’s conversations about the next church service and what they are having for dinner.

Best places to visit in SpainTo me, coming back to a remote village like this acts as a sort of reminder of what is really important in life. In Switzerland, I feel like we so often get so wrapped up in work, professional objectives and being so self-critical.

For some reason, just being in Spain feeds me with this relaxed energy and a feeling of content. It reminds me to focus on the good stuff, that there is more to life than work and how important it is to take a second to stop and recognise how far we have all come.

You can so easily get wound up in wanting more, wanting to go further, wanting to do something better. This online world we live in hardly helps as we are constantly comparing ourselves to others or living vicariously through someone else’s Instagram or Snapchat feeds.

It’s crazy what good a little getaway and a forced digital detox can do to put all of that into perspective.

Sofia ClaraPueblos blancos, SpainMaybe these positive thoughts are also down to this amazing sunny weather… because just look at these blue, blue skies.

I think we are all so over all the rain and grey skies back home in Switzerland – although I have heard that summer may have finally arrived!

Frigiliana travel guideSofia Clara travelBon, I’m not too sure where I’m going with this one but I think we just need to stop being so hard on ourselves and remember to be grateful for the simplest things in life.

Also, if you’re stuck somewhere rainy feeling miserable, book yourself a holiday because rain and grey skies are certainly not helping!


Frigiliana SpainAnd, if you happen to be in Andalucía sometime soon, Frigiliana really is worth seeing. I don’t really have any recommendations of places to go or restaurants to eat at but there are cute little shops dotted around the town and it’s just lovely to walk around the narrow streets and spot the most colourful windows and doors.

Blue door

Visit FrigilianaI sometimes wonder what it would be like to move to such a remote little village and shack up in one of these little houses…

My own 100% DIYed little Spanish village house.

White town Spain

Sofia Clara blogger

Visit Frigiliana Spain

Sofia Clara blogWearing a Zara dress, white Supergas, Raybans, and a straw hat bought at a little shop in Ronda

Before I shoot off to barbecue some meat and veggies by the pool, here’s my petit résumé of today’s mind-mess:

  • Although wanting to do better is what takes us onto better things, it’s so important to stop and recognise what we’ve got or already achieved
  • Take time to disconnect from the online world, it’ll give you a second to realise how pretty damn good things already are!
  • And lastly, let’s all up and move somewhere sunny because seriously, sun = happiness

Thanks for stopping by! As always, if you can relate, I’d love to hear from you.

Big bisous. xS