Lately life has been a little crazy but I’m really enjoying where things are going. That’s not to say that I’m not still struggling with some of the consequences of working independently but I am definitely getting back to feeling more like myself which feels so good.

Throughout university and over the last five-or-so years, I’ve felt confused about pretty much everything – my choice of education, the direction my career was taking after uni, the decisions I’ve made, my style – all of it!

I think so many of us put pressure on ourselves to have it all figured out after university and don’t take time to enjoy the experimenting and just be OK with things not being settled.

best cafés in LausannePhotos by Hannah Shan

Through the blog, I like that I force myself to experiment with all sorts of things like food, home decor and personal style. I’m slowly piecing together little things I love and becoming more confident in all of those realms.

It feels really appropriate to be teaming up with Les Toiles for this one. I’ve already mentioned them a few times here on the blog, but Les Toiles is a fairly new online concept store dedicated to supporting and showcasing emerging designers. You probably already know I’m a big fan of concept stores in general, as you can always find unique pieces that add a touch of originality to a high street outfit and let you play around with things you might not normally find. Les Toiles have just started selling G. Gagnebin & Cie watches and I had a little coup de coeur for this watch. I’ve never even worn a mechanical watch before so it’s been fun adding a touch of luxury to my looks lately.

It’s looking pretty swanky next to this delicious tomato and mozzarella salad from Romain C – one of my new favourite spots in town.

Romain-C-LausanneG. Gagnebin & Cie is a Swiss watch brand that has been around for decades but the fourth generation of family watchmakers have just picked everything back up, given the company a new lease of life and have just launched their first line of women’s watches. Yay!


RomainC-LausanneAnd while we’re talking about style, I’ll just point out that I totally went for it with the strappy dress over a t-shirt look because… why the hell not.


Wall crawlFurla bagI’m starting to realise that for me, confidence comes from a collection of things I love. I’m working on a million projects I love, have been able to wear clothes I feel good in (I had a very limiting dress code at university) and I’m meeting inspiring people within a similar industry and am learning about things that I’m passionate about.

That seems to make all that constant confusion OK.

Sofia-Clara-lifestyle-bloggerI’d love to know if you can relate to any of this. I sometimes wonder if this confusion is just a twenties feeling or a life long feeling. Any wise women out there with words of wisdom to share??

Before I shoot off, here are a few things I’m working on this week:

  • Trying to just accept the confusion and not let it consume me
  • Not trying to figure it out all at once but pin point the little things that make me happy or make me feel good and do them/eat them/make them/wear them more often
  • Having fun playing around with personal style incorporating things I might not normally wear

Wearing a Zara dress, Brandy Melville t-shirt, Bimba y Lola platforms, Furla Metropolis bag, G. Gagnebin & Cie watch, thrifted earrings

Photos by Hannah Shan

Thanks for taking the time to stop by for a read! If you’re drowned in constant confusion about life – you know know you’re certainly not alone. :)

See you back here soon. Have a great weekend! xS