The world of blogging is a confusing and bizarre but wonderful world.

The first time I went to an official “blogger event” (about half a year ago), I remember walking through the door with my big but nervous smile and saying hi to the first person I came across. She looked me up and down, barely smiled and turned around without saying a word. Safe to say, it was an intimidating start to the event.

I think people in general (myself included) have a predisposed idea of what bloggers may be like in reality and there it was, right in front of me. It’s easy to assume we are pretentious, unapproachable and somewhat conceited – after all, we are taking photos of ourselves, our homes, our creations, etc. for a living. It still feels strange even to me and while I understand where the impression comes from, it’s the total opposite of what I hope to portray on my blog.

In this weeks’ “A peek at my week” post, I wanted to introduce you to a bunch of girls who are all the total opposite to that awful and unwarranted stereotype and who I have been lucky to meet over the last few months.

IMG_9259Last week, we were kindly invited to the Royal Savoy as they launched the first of a new Sunday lunch offer called “Les Dimanches de Mr Marc”. It’s a fairly formal offer but felt like a good old English Sunday lunch, as the food is placed in the middle of the table and you just help yourself to whatever you fancy.

Hotel Royal SavoyAmongst a number of bloggers and journalists were these three girls:

Morgane from The Blondie Diary who I met at an event in Geneva and really bonded with when she offered to drive me back to Lausanne saving me a train fare AND giving us the chance to talk blogger-talk in the car.

Royal Savoy LausanneSarah from Fashion Boho who I spotted at an event in Zurich but looked too cool in her oversized glasses and maxi dress for me to dare approach her. We then got the chance to finally meet at a store opening in Geneva. She just beams with happiness and excitement.

Sarah Quanand Nina from Nana m’a dit who was the only blogger out of those I contacted who replied to my out-of-the-blue email after following each other on Instagram for a while asking if she wanted to meet up for a coffee (btw, that doesn’t seem to go down too well here in Switzerland).

Nina SeddikAlthough my friends are really supportive of me blogging, it’s so nice to meet other bloggers and be able obsessively talk about snapchat (I’m @sofiaclarablog if you want to follow along), up-and-coming events, new beauty releases, post ideas, etc.

RSL Brasserieand of course, unashamedly walk around the table leaning over each other to take food photos.

On a side note, yay for asparagus finally being back in season!

asparagusAnd who would have thought quinoa, raspberry and goat’s cheese would be so delicious together!

quinoa salad

Sofia ClaraAs a foodie, I have to take a second to talk about the scrumptious food at the Brasserie.

As a main we had perfectly cooked Angus beef which was cut in front of us on this stunning silver serving platter.

RSL brasseire lausanneIt was served with spatzli which is a Swiss egg noodle, veggies and a delicious sauce.

You could also have fish and roast potatoes.

swiss food blogAnd for dessert we had a chocolate mousse, a baba au rhum with rum syringes!!! and a cherry clafoutis. The desserts are served with lots of spoons and the idea is you just dig in and help yourself to what you want – a refreshing approach for a five star hotel restaurant.

dessertAfter lunch, we headed to the lounge to talk serious talk – i.e. emptying the contents of my new Furla bag to show Morgane how much you can actually fit inside.

swiss bloggersAnd taking some ridiculously sexy photos…

blogger eventsI’ve loved getting the chance to meet these girls and above all, love that there is no sense of competition between any of us but only support and encouragement. I say this as if I’ve known them forever but we’ve just met a handful of times and clicked.

Big love to the girls for being such awesome and radiant people, to all of you for stopping by for a read and to The Royal Savoy for creating such a fun alternative for Sunday lunch making us all feel right at home!

Big bisous, xS