I cannot tell you how nice it is to be writing a blog post for my brand spanking new website. I’m so happy with it! It feels a bit like a fresh start, which is actually what I’m going for. There’s going to be a whole lot of change around here over the next few months as I drop down on other projects I’ve been taking on over the last 2 years and focus on decor projects (homes, offices and restaurants and shop windows).

Over the last few years I have taken on pretty much any project that came my way – from the less glamorous translation work and copywriting to the seemingly more glamorous wedding planning. I have loved being in the position to test all these different things and truly find a sector that I love. I’ve included a few examples of my decor projects on this page of the blog (there are some great before and afters) for those of you interested, but today I wanted to show you the shop window that I decorated for Cuppin’s earlier in May.

Talking of before and after shots, here’s the before and after of the shop window:

The brief was feminine, floral and romantic (I know, right down my alley) and Dina gave me total freedom with the design and installation which was lovely.

I had seen some next level macrame by Sally England, who is the queen of artistic macrame, on Pinterest and photos of the Ace Hotel in Portland. That’s where most of the inspiration came from, although I had to make it a lot less complex in order to fit it into the time and budget available. I had originally set my heart on making all of the flowers out of paper myself – and idea that I quickly realised wasn’t very realistic.

I made three very simple macrame curtains from some 10mm cotton rope that we got in France and we actually used a the whole 200m of rope that we ordered for this project!

I made the macrame at home but got lots of help from Dina, the co-founder of Cuppin’s, and my good friend Yousra and her husband came to keep me company on the evening of the installation.

It’s quite a strange thing standing in a shop window, especially on one of the main pedestrian roads in Lausanne. I got lots of waves, quite a few smiles and thumbs up, and a few people with time to kill who just stood there watching me tie knots. Talk about being observed, right? It was a bizarre experience.

I walk down Petit-Chêne quite a lot when in town and it’s so nice to walk by and see people stopping to look up at the window.

The shop window was revealed on the same day as Yousra and I launched our jewellery selections at the shop. We each got to pick 15-20 pieces of jewellery which was really fun. I actually vlogged a bit of the process in this video.

Dina and her cousin have had the shop for about 5 years and have been choosing most of the jewellery that they sell for that whole time. They wanted a few new ideas, and to showcase pieces that she might not have chosen themselves, so she let us have a look through a few catalogues of designers they thought we’d like and pick our favourite pieces that are currently showcased in these gold boxes in the shop:

It’s quite nice to see the differences and similarities between mine and Yousra’s style laid out in a box like that.

The event was lots of fun, and a little bit overwhelming, but it was so nice to have the support of some regional bloggers and friends who came along to celebrate with us. Laureline popped by quickly and I invited Sarah and Mathilde who have been following me for a little while, too. It was really lovely to meet them in person and have time to chat after exchanging messages on Instagram from quite a while now.

I’m so excited to have finished another handmade shop window and to have more of these projects lined up for the next few months. It’s quite crazy actually – I can’t quite believe that I’m already signing shop windows for the Christmas period. Of you know how much I love Christmas, you’ll know how ridiculously exciting that is.

A big thank you to Dina from Cuppin’s for choosing to work with me and to everyone who has sent me Instagram stories as they walk past the window. They make me so happy!

Photos by Hannah Shan Photography