I’ve been working independently for just over 3 months now and there have been huge highs and naturally, huge lows. I’d say there are two major challenges that I’ve been tackling recently. On the one hand, there are the business challenges that come with working independently – making a steady income and piecing together a financially viable business model from all the projects I have going on at the same time. And, on the other hand, there are all the personal challenges you face when working alone.

I’ve always been very independent but I totally underestimated how tough working alone would be – not having colleagues to bounce ideas off, not having a boss to report to and not having anyone to hold you accountable for what you have or haven’t achieved in a week.

Sofia Clara lifestyle blogWearing Club Monaco jumper, Topshop skirt, House of cases laptop bag, Minelli boots, hand-sewn choker

I’m lucky to be surrounded by people I love who check in on me regularly. My best friend B is always checking in on my progress on Skype chat and giving me feedback on anything I’m not too sure about. My boyfriend helps me plan out my week and checks in on how I’m getting on, and Hannah and I are always texting to see if we can help each other out. While I am so grateful to have that kind of support, working from home literally means you could go days without seeing anyone which, believe me, drives you pretty crazy.

One thing I’ve recently started doing is making sure to schedule at least one meeting, coffee date, drink afterwork or dinner every single day so that I get out of the house, talk to other people about their projects, hear what they are getting up to, share ideas and above all, SEE ANOTHER HUMAN!

This week, I wanted to show a little peek from when Hannah and I stopped by the new Blackbird downtown diner in Lausanne to meet Stephanie, an old friend of mine (who also has a blog) for a little coffee date and catch up.

blackbird diner lausanneStephanie and I went to school together until we were about 11 or 12 and have just recently got back in touch through Facebook talking about blogging, digital marketing, branding and you know, catching up on the last 15 years we missed.

Breaking up a work day with coffee dates like this feels kind of like popping out from the office to grab a coffee with your colleagues.

I think the diner is a great place to meet somewhere for coffee and then keep on working through the afternoon. If you do go, just make sure to avoid lunch time as they are super busy and will need you to free up the table.

coffee dateOh, and the iced soy latte at the Diner is delicious and provides that perfect energy boost!

coffee datesI know this is totally basic advice but forcing myself away from the computer screen and just going for a walk around also makes a world of difference.

sakura in bloomSofia ClaraOK, just before I shoot off to go make a mess in the kitchen, here are my challenges and learnings from this week:

  • I need to work on balancing out being my own boss and my own critic without being over-critical and too hard on myself
  • How important it is to break up the work day and get out of the house in order to avoid going totally insane
  • Finding a good mix in a day between the creative and more manual tasks like cooking or DIYing and the computer tasks
  • Knee-high black leather boots with ankle socks make for very sweaty legs >.<

If you’re working independently, I’d love to know what challenges you are facing or if you’ve got any tips for me leave me a comment below!!

Have a lovely day and I’ll be back tomorrow with a new recipe. xS

Photos by Hannah Shan