Hello, hello! Happy New Year and welcome back to another year on the good ol’ blog. I hope you had a wonderful holiday period with unreasonable lashings of mince pies, mulled wine, champagne, and all the good stuff.

As much I hate having to pack away the decorations and wait a whole 12 months until my favourite time of the year comes around again, I love these first few weeks of a new year. As I always wait until later in the month before sharing my resolutions, I thought I’d start the year with a Peek At My Week post from a lovely day in London.

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Instead of setting New Year’s resolutions, a few people I know choose a word for the year. I feel like mine should really be “focus” because let’s be honest, there really hasn’t been much focus or consistency in my work life over the last few years. That said, there is one idea that I have always stood by: the idea of crafting a life you love. The only driving factor in my business is the question, “how do I want to spend my days?”

My goal is to build a financially sustainable business from the activities I love to do. Granted, I’m not quite there and that somewhat important “financially sustainable” part is less stable that I care to admit. And while I don’t honestly love every project that I work on, by trying all sorts of different things, I am definitely narrowing in on how this could work for me.

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When I started working with my creative coach, she suggested breaking down that question quite literally and looking at how I actually want to spend my days every week. She calls it The Intuitive Workweek – check out that link if you’re interested. I made an Excel file outlining two weeks and how I would like to spend every chunk of time in those two weeks including both work and personal activities. I put all sorts of things on there like blog work, client work, dinners at home, reading time, nights out with friends, family time, etc., and I allowed myself to think without any constraints. In an absolute dream world, I wrote down that I would spend one of those two weeks in London to be closer to Clive, who works in London.

It seemed a bit risky that within the very early stages of my business, I would spend a week away from Lausanne a month, but I have started blocking out time in my schedule every month to be in London and just booking the flights. It’s so obvious that if you don’t block out time to do something, it’s not going to happen but why is it that we so often allow fear, uncertainty and apprehension to come in the way. It’s like saying you’d like to read more but never setting any time aside in your busy schedule to read. If it’s not already a habit, the likeliness is that your time will just fill up with other work, activities or meetings.

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Spending time in London has been so good for me. London is all sorts of inspiring and well, I doubt it’s news to any of you how ridiculously happy I am when I’m with Clive. I’m still figuring out how working part-time from London will work for me, but at the end of the day, although it has somewhat “disrupted” my work routine and I have taken on less work, I come back refreshed, inspired and smiley and I’m not sure there could be anything better.

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Bon, that’s enough Monday morning rambling from me. Before I shoot off, here are my thoughts of the week:

  • There’s a strange power that comes from writing something down physically. I feel like it becomes something that you almost subconsciously work towards. The act of drawing out my workweek gave me something concrete to work towards even though I didn’t look back at it until now.
  • If you want to do something, block time out in your schedule to do it. Block time out, don’t make any other plans, accept the trade-offs, enjoy it, reap benefits and perhaps even turn it into an opportunity.
  • And well, if having access to shops that sell crumpets isn’t enough to make anyone happy, I’m not sure what is. Mmm…crumpets.


Thank you for stopping by for a read. Have a wonderful week and good luck to any of you whose first day back it is! Big bisous xS