Over the last 6 months, I have travelled more than I ever have in such a short period of time. I’ve been to Seoul, Bali, Beijing, Paris, New York, D.C., Madrid, Marbella and of course, London a number of times. It has been amazing but as you can imagine, being away so much has sort of thrown my work routine out of the window…she says as if she once had a work routine!

I have recently started working with a creative coach in order to help give me and my business some direction. She often talks about how we go through different “creative seasons”: seasons of rest, seasons of hustle and seasons of struggle (to use her terms) and about how you should embrace whatever season you’re going through.

I found that I was being quite hard on myself thinking about all of the things that I could have achieved for my business in the last 6 months had I stayed put or travelled less. Now that I think about it, taking time to travel, meet up with old friends, go back to where I was born, spend time with new friends and visit new places was my season of rest and was what I needed to do to propel into this next stage. I’ve come back with so many ideas and taking that time out has actually given a lot more structure to my thoughts and I am so confident with where I want my business to go. I feel excited again and ready to settle a little more, get back into a healthy routine and focus on getting things done.


I’m looking forward to working between Lausanne and London and enjoying more of the little things that I love about working from home, like popping out to get fresh flowers and fruit from my favourite Lausanne market stalls and letting these little things motivate me to get back to work and create more content or work towards my goals.

Sofia Clara Lausanne

Lausanne market Wednesday Saturday

Whatever you’re doing, whether you’re a business owner, freelancer, employee, unemployed or staying at home with your kids, it’s totally normal to go through calmer periods or different “seasons”. We can’t be 100% on all grounds all of the time and if you’re looking to find your motivation or to move into a different working rhythm, I thought I’d share a few things that I’m keeping in mind these days…

Lausanne marketAsk for help
As a bit of a control freak, I felt like I had to manage everything in my business by myself in order to succeed. The more I go on, the more I realise that reaching out for help will only make things easier and be better for my business.  It sounds so ridiculously evident but it’s taken me a long time to get there. I have recently reached out to a creative coach, an accountant and am even considering hiring an intern! Exciting!!

Remind yourself of your mission
It’s so easy to fall off track and get lost in the day to day or short terms goals of whatever it is you are doing. I am reminding myself that I want to create content that inspires people to build the life they love whether that’s through sharing my story as an entrepreneur or sharing something I have made and loved. I feel like I should pin this up somewhere or make a vision board to remind myself and help me restructure my goals when I feel like I’m going off track.

Write a mega to do list
If you constantly have things popping into your mind that you should do and feel you might forget them, write a monstrous to do list. The other day I made a Wunderlist account and now have it all on there… freelance work split up by project, things I need to buy for my new place, DIY projects I want to do, my grocery list, life admin tasks, up-and-coming collaborations and so much more. I feel like everything on my mind is now out there and I’ll get to it all eventually. After trying all sorts of applications, I decided to use Wunderlist mainly because of the immensely satisfying little noise it makes when you click the tick box. It is almost as good – if not as good as – crossing something off an actual list!

Fix the bottlenecks
I realise that little things were holding me back from getting stuff done. Now, I’m just trying to identify what they are and get them sorted. For example, I wasn’t making videos because my computer was too slow so I got my bloody hard drive out sorted it out. Embarrassingly enough, I also have a list of these sort of things on Wunderlist.

Do more
I often put things off until I feel like I can do them perfectly but the more I go on, the more I realise that I should just do them and I’ll get better with time. For example, my Youtube videos aren’t perfect and my editing skills can be improved but I’ll only learn by doing.

Swatch Sofia Clara

Marche de Lausanne

So that’s the plan and I’m really excited about it all! I’ll keep you posted with my progress (or lack thereof… if that happens to be the case) in a post soon and if you can relate at all or have any advice, I’d love to hear from you!

These photos were shot (by Hannah, of course) for a collaboration with Swatch which is particularly exciting as I think I’ve had a Swatch throughout most of my life starting with my very first pink Flik Flak. They have just launched a new collection called Swatch SKIN which is their thinnest ever collection of watches. Their campaign is all about self-expression, confidence and living your own story which I felt was particularly pertinent so thank you to Swatch for giving me the boost of confidence I needed to get back back on track!

Sofia Clara swiss blog

Photos by Hannah Shan Photography

Wearing Swatch SKIN watch (this model is called SKIN SKIN), Zara jumpsuit & loafers, Furla bag

Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you back here soon! xS