The question I probably get asked the most is what I actually do for a living. It might just be the question that even my mum asks me the most. I’m obviously still figuring it out how to explain it myself.

I have what some would say is a bit of a utopic outlook on the life I want to live. My ultimate goal is to build a business around the way I’d like to spend my days and, as naive as that may seem to some, I strongly believe that in today’s world that is possible for me.

One of my most recent projects is one of my favourite examples.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been helping Tom from BEAT Fitness (THE new gym in town) develop their smoothie recipes!

Sofia ClaraPhotos by Hannah Shan Photography 

Tom got in touch just before BEAT opened to see if I could help and we’ve been working on getting a variety of delicious smoothies that are nutritionally balanced, full of flavour and just the boost of energy you need after one of their intense 45 minute workouts.

Smoothies LausanneThis project falls under my work as a restaurant consultant. I created the recipes in line with Tom’s brief, found ways to integrate superfoods, helped find the best and most reliable suppliers, ensured there was going to be as little waste as possible when the recipes were made and trained the team.

Smoothie LausanneThese are the projects I like the best. I feel like my work and passion just combine seamlessly.

I get to test recipes, share my love for food and all things homemade, work with passionate people in different sectors and take part in such an exciting regional project!

Tom Beat FitnessAnd who would have thought…I’ve also found a gym that I love and more importantly, one that I actually want to go to which is quite something for me! I’ve been going down about once a week and have been really enjoying it.

I started off trying to plan to go at the same time as friends but that obviously doesn’t always work out. What’s really nice is that you quickly start seeing familiar faces and even if you’ve never seen anyone there before, everyone sort of says hello in the changing rooms and spurs each other on with friendly smiles in the classes.

Fitness LausannePlus, the place is stunning. I love how clean cut the design is; the concrete floors, white walls, copper detailing and big mirrors.

Locker roomThey have also thought about the little details and offer free lockers, clean towels…

Beat Fitness Lausanne…fantastic GHD hairdryers and tampons, razors, hair ties and deodorant in case you forget to bring any of them along.

Sofia Clara workoutYou can really tell that they have tried to think of every little thing that might put you off going to the gym before work, during your lunch break or after work and tried to not let that stop you from getting your workout in.

I’ve been signing up for the spinning and the HIIT classes online and just pop my gym clothes on, put a summer dress in my bag to change into afterwards and walk down sous-gare to break up my work day.

If you’re doing a spinning class, you just take a pair of their shoes, put them on and head into one of the two workout rooms.

Spinning LausanneSpinning Sofia ClaraThe rooms are dark with colourful lighting. The instructor welcomes you in, helps you clip your feet into one of the bikes and the thumping music, energetic atmosphere and enthusiastic instructor keeps you going throughout the whole 45 minutes.

Red-faced and feeling rather accomplished because of how ridiculously sweaty you are, you head out, grab your pre-ordered smoothie while you cool down before heading to the showers. The showers are always clean and they have fantastic shampoo, conditioner and body wash to save you having to bring any of that with you either.

gym bathrooms

SachajuanI honestly haven’t had a gym experience that’s better suited to me. I feel like you get a lot of guidance even in a large group, the process is made as simple as possible AND apparently the smoothies aren’t too shabby either ;).

If you want to give it a go, I’ve talked to Tom and managed to get the first 100 new customers a 14 day free trial so you can try as many classes as you’d like. You can activate the deal using this link.

Oh, and make sure to order a smoothie and let me know what you think! I’ve loved seeing people post about them on Instagram!

So there you have it… a little peak into a work day. Although every single day is different and I work on a variety of different projects, this is an example I love and this is the kind of project that I love spending my time on.

I feel like the work I’m doing is totally aligned with the lifestyle I want to live and that feels so rewarding.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little peek into my work day. Thanks for stopping by! Big bisous xS

Photos by Hannah Shan Photography