Good morning :). First of all, I wanted to thank you for all the love following my last Youtube video. I had an amazing number of views, comments, messages and emails from people who made and loved the recipe or just people sending love and checking in. Thank you so much. It means more to me than you know.

As I mentioned in the video, I moved out of my last apartment a little while ago now and I haven’t really talked about it on my blog. Blogging about home décor and all things homemade, and having so much of my life online, means that it’s hard for things like this to go unnoticed. I was actually really surprised at the number of people who noticed I was living somewhere different from the few photos and videos I posted, and asked if I had moved. For those of you wondering, I have. I’ll be showing you where I am living in a video soon but until then, I felt like it was about time to give you a little update and a peek at how beautiful Lausanne is looking this spring.

Swiss bloggerLast week, Hannah and I were walking around the Olympic park and the Musée de l’Elysée and had a picnic under these gorgeous cherry blossom trees. We were sitting under the trees with her little baby boy with pink petals occasionally falling into our food. I just kept thinking how much I love Lausanne in the springtime. Isn’t it crazy what all the blooming flowers, longer days and warmer weather can do to your mood?

Other than the obvious changes and adjustments in my life, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what’s next after just over a year of freelancing. I’m excited to be moving into a new permanent apartment in a few weeks where I can get settled and get back into a proper work routine. I’m going to be posting lots of exciting content on the blog and my Youtube channel and get back into coming up with DIY ideas which I’ve missed so much!

I’m also aiming to create a bit more structure around the freelance work that I do as I’ve been doing all sorts of odd jobs over the last year. I have recently started working with a coach to help give me a bit of direction and she suggested I look at every professional activity I have undertaken in the last year, write them all down and evaluate them in terms of how much I enjoyed them, how much money they brought in and how aligned they are with my ultimate goal (as if I know what my ultimate goal is…). In doing so, I realised how many different things I did last year… I had my blog, did some interior photography, managed social media accounts, did quite a bit of consulting for restaurants, helped plan a wedding, created content for large brands, did a lot of translations, opened Le Pointu with the guys, catered events, cooked brunch every weekend…and so much more.

At first glance at the list, I thought what an absolute mess of year I had just had. But then again, I think I have finally found a focus that I really enjoy and could eventually be a viable business model. Allowing myself to do all of these different things and not restricting myself too much (or at all) really helped me get there.

So many of you often ask me for advice on how to find your passion and turn it into a profession… I think allowing yourself time to do all sorts of different activities is actually a really great first step. I realised that there are things on the list that I thought I was going to really enjoy but didn’t, things that I enjoyed doing but aren’t financially viable activities and a group of things that are fairly well paid and that I absolutely loved doing which is what I’ve been focusing on recently. After a bit of a messy year, I feel like I’m finding my feet. Or at least I do today…tomorrow may be a whole different story! Oh, the joys and instability that comes with working independently!


Anyway, I’m off to London for the week this week to work from there and have a little brainstorm about what I want to achieve next and the direction I’d like to take! I’m really excited about everything and wanted to thank you all for your endless support and words of encouragement. I love being able to share this journey with you guys, hearing about the things you’re working on and feel so lucky to keep meeting all sort of inspiring people through the blog.

Thanks for stopping by for a read! Have a wonderful week.

Big bisous. xS

Photos by Hannah Shan Photography